Blister line BEC 700
Blister module
Max. output 700 blisters/min.
Mode of operation 3-lanes
Scope of application solid dose products
Sealing principle platen or rotary sealing
Max. format area [index x width] 200 x 284 mm
Max. forming depth 12 mm (PVC), 11 mm (Al)
Max. reel diameter forming material 600 mm (800 mm)*, lid material 300 mm (400 mm)*
Processable forming materials laminated Al foils, PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PP
Processable lid materials hard Al, soft Al, paper/Al, Al with defined hardness, others upon request
*optional extension
Cartoner module
Max. output 300 or 500 cartons/min.
Scope of application blisters
Max. carton size [A x B x H] 105 x 105 x 155 mm (300 cartons/min.) 80 x 90 x 155 mm (500 cartons/min.)
Pitch 5'' (300 cartons/min.), 4'' (500 cartons/min.)
Max. no. of blisters 14
Max. blister stack height 100 mm (300 cartons/min.), 85 mm (500 cartons/min.)
Types of closure tuck-in and hot-melt

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