Blister machine BLU 400

Max. 400 blisters/min.
Max. format area 195 x 284 mm
At a glance
Max. output 400 blisters/min.
Scope of application liquid dose products
Max. format area [index x width] 195 x 284 mm

Uhlmann BLU 400: Blister machine for the gentle handling of liquid dose products

The BLU 400 handles the pharmaceutical packaging of ampoules, syringes, vials, bottles, cartridges, or pens in blister packs. The compact packaging machine meets all the essential requirements of the pharmaceutical market for the secondary packaging of liquid dose products. As a fully automated packaging system, the BLU 400 offers a convincing performance based on reliable, gentle product handling and flexible, cost-efficient packaging.

The BLU 400 for the gentle packaging of liquid dose products

The packaging of liquid dose products is no easy task in general as the small glass receptacles are susceptible to damage, particularly when glass-glass or glass-metal contact occurs. Should a product break, cleaning is much more laborious than with solids. This factor places high demands on the packaging machine.

The Uhlmann Blister machine BLU 400 meets all the key requirements of the secondary packaging of liquid dose products:

  • Gentle: Very careful handling avoids damage to the liquid dose products, e.g., minimum drop heights in the feeder, or integrated product position control in the press-in and sealing station.
  • Straightforward: Intuitive operation of the blister packaging machine and easy, guided format changeovers with the SmartControl operating system.
  • Flexible: Whether feeder, fill section, transfer, or cartoner – boundless optional configurations of the packaging system cover all product requirements.
  • Efficient: Optimum format utilization on account of product and blister rotation, which leads to minimum waste and maximum machine output.


Technical Data

Blister machine BLU 400  
Max. output 400 blisters/min.
Sealing principle platen sealing
Mode of operation 1- to 8-lane
Scope of application liquid dose products
Max. format area [index x width] 195 x 284 mm
Max. forming depth 42 mm
Max. reel diameter forming material 800 mm, lid material 400 mm
Processable forming materials PET, PET/PE, PET-G, PVC
Processable lid materials Al, PET, paper

The Blister machine BLU 400 in detail

Gentle feeding and placement into the transparent blister pack

The feed plate of the LiPro feeder – LiPro stands for liquid product – transports the upright liquid dose products, e.g., ampoules, vials, cartridges, and bottles, up to 30 millimeter in diameter, in micro-steps to the feeding roller. The roller turns the products to a horizontal pick-up position ready for a 4-axle robot system to take over placement into the blister pockets. The roller then continues to rotate, ensuring that it is completely empty prior to the next filling cycle. This way, the following products are not damaged and no machine stoppage is caused. The SyPro feeder – SyPro stands for syringe product – is available for syringes with diameters ranging between 6.5 and 26 millimeter.

Alternate pressing into place in the blister pack

Before the products are pressed into the clamp pack, their correct positioning in the blister is controlled mechanically. The liquid dose products are then alternately pushed into the blister pockets. The two-step press-in function requires less force, which minimizes the risk of product damage.

Integrated camera system

In addition to monitoring product presence, an Uhlmann camera inspection system can check the color ring coding or carry out similar inspection tasks, thus controlling the reliable elimination of faulty products. In the case of sealed blister packs, inspection of the products to ensure correct, level positioning in the blister is carried out prior to applying the lid foil.

Cooling of heat-sensitive products

Sealed blisters are cooled in the platen sealing and cooling station immediately after the sealing process in order to protect the contents from heat. The products are also protected against heat radiating from the sealing plate should the packaging process be interrupted. In such a case, a water-cooled plate automatically moves into position over the blisters in the sealing station.

Optimum format utilization

As the BLU 400 operates with a product rotation function, full use can be made of the web width. In other words, products can be positioned both lengthwise and crosswise to the running direction of the web. The blister sizes ranges from 20 x 60 millimeters to 195 x 284 millimeters. In this context, it is not only the feeder that can position the products lengthways or crossways: the transfer of the filled blisters to the cartoner is correspondingly designed. A gripper places the blisters on a rotary table that turns 180° or 270° to allow insertion of the blisters in the carton.

Fast format changeovers and easy cleaning

The fast format changeovers and easy cleaning have a positive impact on the overall performance of the Blister machine BLU 400. The C-shaped layout of the stations used by the Uhlmann engineers, which has proven successful over the years in other machines, allows a straightforward changeover from one format to another. The few, light-weight format parts are readily exchanged without tools. All the surfaces are easy to clean. In the case of the fill section, for example, all the cables and control elements are fully enclosed.

Flexible machine design to meet every need

The compact packaging machine BLU 400 is of modular design. Should a pharmaceutical manufacturer wish to handle a liquid dose product of a completely different format, or handle another product, the fill section can be exchanged on site. Either clamp packs or sealed blisters can be processed. The reel supports for the forming material and the lid foil   can be integrated into the machine or positioned externally depending on customer requirements. A manual loading position can also be added to the fill section area.

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