Blister machine UPS 5

Max. 400 blisters/min.
Max. format area 272 x 284 mm

Diversity based on a modular machine concept

The UPS 5 perpetuates the machine concept of the most successful and versatile Uhlmann blister machine to date. It is geared in all respects to the highly productive packaging of solid dose and liquid dose products.


  • Modular machine design; upgradable at all times
  • GMP-compliant cantilever design for easy, pharmaceutically compliant cleaning
  • Quick-fitting parts for tool-free format changeover
  • Servo technology at the indexes, blister transfer and main drive – time-saving as no manual adjustments are necessary
  • Very good accessibility as glass safety doors with innovative sliding and closing mechanism



Forming material reel support


Heating and forming station


SyPro feeding system


Sealing and cooling station


Perforating station and index


Punching station


Blister transfer


Technical Data

Blister machine UPS 5

Max. output

400 blisters/min.

Sealing principle

platen sealing

Mode of operation

1- to 8-lane

Scope of application

solid and liquid dose products

Max. format area [index x width]

272 x 284 mm

Max. forming depth

40 mm

Max. reel diameter

forming material 800 mm, lid material 460 mm

Processable forming materials


Processable lid materials

Al, paper/Al

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