Bottle line IBC 150

Max. 150 bottles/min.
Max. 24,000 products/min.
At a glance
Max. output 150 bottles/min.
Max. counting speed 24,000 products/min.
Processable solid dose products tablets, capsules

Innovative bottle line for the packaging of tablets and capsules in bottles

Uhlmann presents two pharmaceutically compliant packaging lines for tablets and capsules in bottles in the form of the IBC 150 and IBC 240 – a new machine generation for very efficient, flexible packaging combined with easy handling. 

Efficient tablet packaging in bottles

The integrated monoblock architecture of the IBC 150 offers all the essential stations for the packaging of tablets in bottles. This line is highly automated, optimally linked, centrally controlled, and completely flexible. The basic model includes stations such as the bottle infeed, servo-regulated tablet counter, capping unit, and bottle discharge. Other elements, like a modular desiccant feeder for canisters or sachets, a weighing system, a camera system for tablet inspection, or a cotton wad feeder, can be integrated as required.

Aspects of the IBC 150 that promote the efficient packaging of tablets in bottles:

  • Format-free bottle transport for an uninterrupted product flow – from start to finish
  • Great flexibility on account of the small number of format parts, fast format changeovers, and automated adjustment to a new bottle height
  • Scalable performance: up to four counting modules and three capping units for added counting capacity or higher output, or a combination of both, for up to 150 bottles or 24,000 tablets or capsules per minute
  • One hundred percent counting accuracy with the Cremer infrared counting system
  • Optional tablet inspection for maximum pharmaceutical reliability
  • Fully enclosed system for operator and product protection
  • Servo-regulated capping system for the processing of all types of caps
  • Central, intuitive operation using the HMI SmartControl



Technical Data

Bottle line IBC 150  
Max. output 150 bottles/min.
Max. counting speed 24,000 products/min.
Bottle volume 30 - 1,500 cc
Bottle diameter 25 - 125 mm
Bottle height 45 - 200 mm
Processable bottle materials HDPE, glass
Processable bottle shapes round, rectangular, oval
Processable solid dose products tablets, capsules
Product length 3 - 30 mm
Product width/diameter 3 - 20 mm
Counting accuracy 100 %

Bottle line IBC 150 for solids in detail

The IBC 150 is a pharmaceutically compliant line for tablets and capsules in bottles offering end-to-end packaging. A guided bottle transport prevents micro-stops, product jams, and wedged bottles. Uhlmann has used the monoblock architecture to integrate all the stations needed for a GMP-compliant packaging process. The line fills up to 150 bottles per minute – they can be round, oval, or rectangular. This makes the bottle filler for solid dose products the ideal solution to meet alternating requirements in the medium output range.

Fast format changeover with format-free bottle transport

The IBC 150 bottle filler for solids can be adjusted to a new bottle diameter in just six minutes. The small number of format parts makes this possible. Furthermore, the use of conveyor belts, which require more intensive cleaning, has been avoided for bottle transportation. A format-free rake is responsible for the intermittent transport. This opens up numerous options for the packaging of medicines to suit a variety of markets and target groups. The IBC 150 handles bottles 45 to 200 millimeter in height and 25 to 125 millimeters in diameter, and thus covers a wide range of formats. The maximum output is 150 bottles or 24,000 tablets/capsules per minute.

Centrally controlled

All the machine processes are controlled via SmartControl, a human-machine interface (HMI) with a touchscreen. The graphical user interface ensures intuitive comprehension. All format data is stored in the control system. Uhlmann can also link other machines and components to this user interface – if needed, also equipment from other manufacturers – thus creating an integrated and efficient overall system. This reflects the line competency of the Uhlmann specialists.

100% accurate counting with the IR counting system

In terms of technology and process reliability, the bottle filler for solid dose products meets high standards: the infrared counting unit handles tablets, coated tablets, caplets, and capsules, as well as special shapes (e.g., rhombus, octagonal). The IR counting system ensures 100% accurate counting.

The integration of a dedusting system for very dusty products is one additional option. Another is the incorporation of dry-air or nitrogen flushing. An optional camera system recognizes and reports errors regarding the shape, color, and type of product.

Tailored reliability

The line can be fitted with Track & Trace by Uhlmann to comply with statutory requirements. The system can, for example, mark the base of the bottles as they pass through the Bottle line IBC 150. Cameras scan the codes and store the information in the Uhlmann tracking database. The system for serialization and aggregation can, of course, be integrated to cover the entire line – the IBC 150, the labeler and cartoner, as well as the end-of-line packaging systems. The data can be accessed at all times and linked to the code data of the next-larger unit.

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