Diverse feeding systems for universal and reliable packaging

Tablet blisters, liquid dose blisters, bottles, vials, pillow packs, pens, sachets, and other product forms: Uhlmann has a suitable feeding system for every type of product and pack insert:

  • Feeding system for blisters reliable blister stacking using plug-in blister magazines: efficient for blisters with solid dose products and sealed ampoule blisters
  • Feeding system for wallets and pillow packs using a special conveyor for all rectangular products that cannot be stacked
  • Feeding system for bottles, vials, and ampoules for round, rectangular, or oval shapes using a feed screw
  • Feeding system for unsealed ampoule and syringe blisters synchronized blister loading into the product chain
  • Feeding and robot systems for spoons, pipettes, pens, pillow packs, and other pharmaceutical devices
  • Rotary booklet feeder for the reliable handling of folded or glued booklets
  • Slide feeder for the optimum handling of multilayer, glued booklets

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