High-end monitoring of the pharmaceutical packaging process

Printing and inspection systems, which are integrated into the cartoning process, mark the cartons with a unique, serial 2D code. In the context of Track & Trace by Uhlmann they contribute to the seamless traceability of pharmaceutical products. Supported by the appropriate software, Uhlmann tracking database allows each packaging unit – blister, carton, shipping case, pallet – to be linked to the next larger unit.

Lettering and printing systems for the printing and marking of labels, leaflets and also for the design of cardboard packaging, lends the production process new potential for greater flexibility:

  • Optional combination of graphics, texts and variable data in a single layout
  • Easy alteration of the print data during the ongoing process
  • Printing of whole surfaces possible; new layouts are simply uploaded as required
  • Available layouts can be converted and made available in the system

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