Productive end-of-line packaging in a compact form

State-of-the-art technology for two packaging steps in one productive unit: that is the innovative, space-saving combination of a Case packer E 4010t and a Palletizer P 5010. Both modules are available as standalone machines.

Highlights of the Case packer E 4010t

  • Top-loading case packer for bottles, bundles, and cartons
  • Very flexible as infinitely adjustable format setting
  • Modular design for application-oriented configuration
  • User-friendly accessibility for maintenance and cleaning purposes, ergonomic material loading
  • Straightforward operation via the integrated Uhlmann user interface

Highlights of the Palletizer P 5010

  • Fully automated loading and unloading of packs to and from pallets
  • Low-maintenance linear guiding units with four programmable servo-regulated axes for linear and rotary motion
  • Simple, fast, tool-free format adjustment
  • Different configuration and line options
  • Numerous upgrade options, e.g., labeling unit, loading area for two pallets, coordinated feeding systems


    Case Packaging Center 10

    Technical Data

    Case Packaging Center 10

    Case packer E 4010t

    Max. output

    10 cases/min.

    Max. case size [A x B x H]

    500 x 400 x 400 mm

    Max. infeed

    300 cartons/min., 265 bottles/min.

    Max. bottle size

    125 mm diameter, 220 mm height

    Processable bottle shapes

    round, oval, rectangular

    Processable bottle materials

    glass, plastic

    Palletizer P 5010

    Max. output

    20 movements/min., 10 palletizing cycles/min.

    Max. case size [A x B x H]

    500 x 400 x 400 mm

    Max. case weight

    25 kg

    Max. pallet height

    1,500 mm + pallet

    Max. pallet size

    1,200 x 1,000 mm

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