Feeding systems for all pharmaceutical products – perfection right from the start

Particularly susceptible tablets, solid dose products of complex shape, caplets, multiphase preparations, ampoules, vials, and syringes: the spectrum of pharmaceutical products is met by an equally diverse range of efficient feeding systems for Uhlmann pharmaceutical packaging machines:

  • Feeders for solid dose products such as tablets, spheres, caplets, or capsules
    • Vibratory feeder
    • Brush box feeder
    • Fill box feeder
    • Linear feeder
    • SimTap feeder
    • Magazine shuttle feeder
  • Feeders for liquid dose products
    • LiPro feeder for vial/ampoule/cartridge feeding
    • SyPro feeder for syringe feeding

On this basis, Uhlmann offers the appropriate feeding and product handling system for every requirement and every production line. For top performance from the first process step.

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