For ampoules, vials and cartridges

The compact magazine shuttle feeder has an ergonomic filling height and allows the direct placement of products into blisters. Feeding is possible lengthwise or crosswise to the formed web.


  • Few, easy-to-change format parts
  • User-friendly due to ergonomic filling height
  • Compact design

Operating method

  • Assisted by lateral, swivel elements, the products pass from the magazine into vertical ducts
  • The shuttle slide takes one product from each duct and places a batch of products onto a rake
  • Direct placement of the products into the formed web takes place from here
  • The products can be placed lengthwise or crosswise to the running direction of the web
  • In the case of clamp-packs, the press-in station gently pushes the products into the pockets

    Feedable products

    1. Ampoule, 2. Vial, 3. Cartridge

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