Ideal for multiphase blisters

The compact fill box with individual product placement is particularly suitable for the production of multiphase blisters and alternative blister configurations, e.g. round-shaped blisters.


  • Cost-effective feeder with product segregation in compliance with pharmaceutical regulations to avoid cross-contamination
  • Easy cleaning – requires no auxiliary tools
  • For intermittent motion blister machines

Operating method

  • The products pass from the hopper to the vibratory chute. Dedusting here removes dust and product chips
  • The products move through the product chute and feed horse into the fill box
  • Planetary stirrers sweep the products into the holes of the upper supply slide plate
  • The lower slide plate then retracts to allow single product placement into each formed pocket
  • A separate box is used for each different product when filling multiphase blisters. This rules out any cross-contamination of products in the blister

Feedable products

1. Coated tablet, 2. Coated tablet, 3. Sphere

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