For standard as well as difficult product shapes

SimTap stands for „simultaneous tablet placement“. The products are directly placed into the formed pockets. Different versions are available for continuous or intermittent motion operation, for high-speed machines or small sized batches.


  • Widely applicable feeder for diverse product shapes
  • Tool-free format changeover – quick and easy
  • Compact design
  • Separate control and operating panel allows configuration with every suitable blister machine, including equipment from other manufacturers

Operating method

  • The products pass from the hopper to the vibratory chute. Dedusting here removes dust and product chips
  • The products continue through the product chute and feed hose to the distribution box
  • The up-and-down-movement of the sorting plate moves the products into the filling tubes. The two stop fingers in each filling tube ensure direct product placement into the formed pockets
  • The lower stop finger retains the product and first releases it when the web comes to a halt
  • The upper stop finger ensures that only one product reaches the pocket by retaining the product column above

Feedable products

1. Tablet flat, 2. Tablet bi-convex, 3. Sphere, 4. Caplet bi-convex, 5. Tablet oval bi-convex, 6. Tablet oval bi-convex, 7. Octagonal flat, 8. Special shape rectangular, 9. Rhombus bi-convex, 10. Special shape bi-convex, 11. Soft gelatine capsule oblong, 12. Soft gelatine capsule oval, 13. Hard gelatine capsule, 14. Hard gelatine capsule

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