More sustainability in parenteral packaging through environmentally friendly cardboard trays

Efficient, user-friendly, and safe: The PTC 200 cartoning line packages ampoules, vials, syringes, and other devices in cardboard trays. These parenteral packages are available in numerous formats and are aligned with international climate protection guidelines such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

More flexibility from production to patient

Whether it's traditional vials on a tray, ergonomic removal of disposable syringes, or medical devices such as pens, injectors, or inhalers - our versatile solutions for cardboard trays make high-quality product packaging safe and cost-effective.

Cardboard trays for large formats
With the help of large-format cardboard trays, you can not only maximize your productivity but also minimize possible glass breakage through precise feeding and product-friendly handling. In addition, you can choose from different quantities and products according to your needs - all on the same cartoning machine.

Cardboard trays combination pack
Cardboard trays in the combination pack offer maximum flexibility in the packaging of your parenteral products. The proven process technology here does not require any additional heat input and supports your sustainability balance through environmentally friendly mono-material.

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A cardboard tray for large formats.

A cardboard tray for large formats

A cardboard tray as a combination pack for syringes and vials.

A cardboard tray as a combination pack for syringes and vials

Stacked cardboard tray with 10 vials each, including medical device tracking, in a side-loading, top-opening folding carton.

Stacked cardboard tray with 10 vials each, including medical device tracking, in a side-loading, top-opening folding carton

The benefits of cardboard trays at a glance


Made of environmentally friendly mono-material cardboard.


Variable feeding for different pharmaceutical products.


Quick configuration for different applications.


Highest security thanks to Medical Device Tracking and Cold Chain Tracking.


Clamping secures during transport and mechanical stress.


Fixed placement and free choice of distance.


Ergonomic top-opening for easy retrieval from above.


Many components and combinations on a single tray.


Proven Uhlmann technology ensures high process safety.


Side-loading reduces machine costs by saving space.


The entire process works without the need for heat.

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