Clamp packaging offers economic, ecological, and ergonomic advantages

Among the secondary packaging for parenteral products, clamp packaging is considered practical for various reasons. They provide secure protection against shocks for sensitive pharmaceutical products and save space during transport and storage. In addition, clamp packaging has many other advantages that are less obvious. For example, it enables precise medical device tracking and is particularly user-friendly due to ergonomic top product removal.

Not only users benefit from the positive aspects of clamp packaging: due to the few work steps with only one material, fewer inspections are required during packaging. The entire production process for clamp packaging is therefore particularly efficient, process-safe, and cost-effective. Additionally, they can also contribute to the sustainability of the packaged product: modern packaging machines are now capable of processing sustainable film materials such as PP, R-PET, Bio-PET, and PLA into clamp packaging.

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Two glass vials inserted into clamp packaging.

Two glass vials inserted into clamp packaging

Five glass ampoules inserted into clamp packaging.

Five glass ampoules inserted into clamp packaging

Blister clamp packaging for parenteral products: advantages at a glance


Through defined clamp against vibration and shock.


Due to its compact and stackable design.


Thanks to fewer steps in the packaging process.


Through the possibility of compact storage and efficient logistics of the packaging material.


Thanks to medical device tracking and cold chain tracking.


Through the possibility of processing various film materials: PP, PET, R-PET, Bio-PET, PLA, PVC, HDPE, and COC films.


Through the use of recyclable mono-film without composite.


Thanks to the process flow completely without heat supply.


Thanks to fewer work steps and thus fewer required inspections.


Through easy top product removal.


Thanks to proven Uhlmann technology.

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