Folding boxes are efficient and easy to handle

For bottles, vials, and ampoules, folding boxes are not only a secure but also an easy-to-handle packaging solution. And not just for end-users during product removal.
In logistics centers, manufacturers' warehouses, pharmacies, hospitals, or clinics – anywhere parenteral products  are stored before use – the compact design of folding boxes ensures efficient space savings.

Folding boxes make pharmaceutical products tamper-evident and traceable

Medical device tracking for seamless traceability of pharmaceutical products (Track and Trace) is easily and efficiently achievable with the right folding box packaging technology. In addition, medicine fraud can be prevented with tamper-evident security closures via a tamper-evidence label or a hot-melt seal.

Folding boxes keep your production fast and cost-effective

Folding boxes are particularly eco-friendly due to the mono-material cardboard construction, but they also offer concrete benefits on the economic side.

They allow for particularly high packaging speed, a gentle process without heat input, and easy insertion of brochures, booklets, spoons, or syringes.

Glass-to-glass in cardboard: folding boxes for two vials

Two vials packed in a folding box.

Glass-to-glass in cardboard: folding boxes for two vials

Packing glass-to-glass is a real challenge for many pharmaceutical manufacturers. Proven cartoners reliably and securely package two vials at the same time, allowing you to pack your products gently and efficiently – in the smallest space.

Media Gallery: folding boxes in focus


Uhlmann Cartoners C 2504 - High speed bottle line C 2504 + UPS + E 3040

Folding boxes for parenteral products: the benefits at a glance


Thanks to compact cardboard dimensions for simplified storage and transport.


Through direct packaging without additional components.


Thanks to high packaging speed.


Thanks to cardboard made from environmentally friendly mono-material.


For easy and direct further processing into bundles or pallets.


On all sides of the packaging.


Thanks to tamper-evidence label or hot-melt seal.


Thanks to custom-fit cardboard with an optional package insert.


Thanks to Uhlmann Track & Trace with Medical Device or Cold Chain Tracking.


Thanks to easy and clear removal from both sides.


Thanks to proven Uhlmann technology.


Thanks to a process without heat input.


Thanks to secure and reliable packaging of bottles, vials, and ampoules in just one process – even with double packaging.


By offering individual options for adding a brochure, package insert, booklet, spoon, syringe, measuring cup, and more to the folding boxes.

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