Optimized inventory.

Spare parts inventory
Would you like to make your spare parts inventory more effective for your machines? We would be glad to help you on the basis of our active spare parts management. We optimize your parts inventory in four stages in accordance with your machines, production, and maintenance strategy. Included in this service is information on discontinued parts and suitable alternatives.

Stage 1: We analyze which parts are used more than once in your Uhlmann machines and define a reasonable minimum stock level.
Stage 2: A target/actual comparison reveals whether and how you should best adjust your inventory.
Stage 3: Parts that can be supplied overnight are no longer included in the stocks.
Stage 4: Parts required for a scheduled service are supplied by us in good time – this reduces required storage space.

Spare parts packages for new machines
Provisions are also made for new machines – with various machine-specific packages based on your machine uptimes:

  • Basic package: up to 2,000 operating hours
  • Comfort package: up to 4,000 operating hours
  • Premium package: up to 8,000 operating hours

We also offer the option of putting the packages together more specifically in line with your needs and specifications.

Your benefits:

  • Individual spare parts inventory
  • Up to 50 percent lower costs
  • Cost-benefit oriented machine availability

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