Clever training, clever employees.

You do not want a one-off training course, but a longer-term instruction program. And that individually tailored as far as possible? Then the Uhlmann machine license is just the right thing. The concept: on-going personnel development based on consecutive training modules.
The training modules can be freely combined and structured to cover machine operation, format changeovers, electrics/electronics, maintenance, as well as administration. Basic knowledge of the machine you have in operation or is due to be commissioned is the central element of all modules. A foundation course and advanced courses follow. The advanced courses permit the refreshment of gained know-how, on-the-job practice, specific intensification, or broadening of knowledge. A certificate documents successful completion.

Your benefits:

  • Strategically trained employees
  • Long-term development perspectives for employees
  • Verification of successful training completion
  • Certified training modules in accordance with GMP guidelines
  • Effective machine utilization
  • Greater confidence in machine handling

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