Uhlmann shapes digitalization to fully meet needs

Uhlmann has subdivided its digital agenda into five stages and, from the outset, is counting on close communication with customers.

#STARTUNBOXING - The Five Milestones to Digitalization

  • EXPLORE: Identify digitalization concepts
    The first step ist to identify potential. Through direct discussions, for example, or in joint digitalization workshops.
  • INVENT: Develop intelligent solutions
    Taking the findings as a basis, we will develop and optimize trendsetting, digital solutions, and make them available to all cutomers.
  • IMPROVE: Achieve optimum results
    We will analyze practical tests and respond accordingly.
  • ADAPT: Alter structures, processes, and interfaces
    We will, of course, also implement digitalization internally, and systematically alter our structures, processes, and business models accordingly.
  • CONNECT: Link partners, machines, and systems
    We will lay the foundations for linked, highly flexible interaction between all processes, machines, and participants in pharmaceutical packaging in the form of integrated technologies and structures.

"Join our digital future!"

Under the motto “Join our digital future!”, visitors to interpack 2017 experienced condition monitoring with 3D visualization as well as interaction with a virtual machine. Digital training was another topic, giving insight into new training concepts using 3D glasses. Furthermore, the services app provides efficient support at all times.

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