Added transparency with line and site server

The continuous capturing of key performance figures, their display, and analysis are becoming increasingly important on the way to automation technology 4.0. The Uhlmann line and site management systems ensure full transparency throughout the entire packaging process and reveal potential for added productivity. Using a single PDA system or a SCADA solution, for example, figures (KPI, OEE) needed for a consistent analysis and optimized processes are available at the touch of a button.

Aspects of line and site management that promote efficient and transparent production

  • Networking: In addition to the central management of formats, orders, and users, the Uhlmann line and site management systems facilitate operator communication with the separate production units. Fully integrated into the user domain (LDAP), the Uhlmann line server handles the data of all connected machines. Scalable and extendable to several lines, a site management system can easily be established this way.

  • Transparency: Preplanned KPI and OEE calculations add transparency to the entire packaging process: options range from parameter monitoring, complete line visualization, aggregated error and downtime indicators, and maintenance information, to preplanned reports for batch data analysis. Extensive, web-based reports can give a quick insight into the production data or allow real-time monitoring of the machines. Performance indicator controls, centralized alarm reporting, and statistics result in straightforward controlling and monitoring of pharmaceutical packaging. The reports can be configured according to customer specifications and integrated into existing solutions.

  • Easy integration: Numerous state-of-the-art interfaces allow vertical integration into widely used ERP systems. Open interfaces, such as OPC-DA and OPC-UA, are available for an inter-machine and inter-line monitoring and batch-execution system. These are exceptionally well suited for the integration of machines from other manufacturers.

All systems comply with the specifications of CFR 21 Part 11.

Technical Data

Machine with single PDA system Standard machine Machine with single PDA system Line with SCADA system
Overall counter and single sources of error x x x
Format management single machine x x x
Format management line x
OEE information single machine x x
OEE information complete line x
Shift analysis single machine x x
Shift analysis complete line x
Order reports single machine x x
Order reports complete line x
Central order start single machine x x
Central order start line x
OPC interface optional x (without PDA) x x
Reason for stop and analysis x x
Central user management for line x
Suitable for web reporting x
Filter options (shift/product/batches) x x

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