We rely on individual, flexible solutions

As a family company that thinks in the long term, we are well aware that every phase of life has its challenges, and every generation has its own needs. This is why our focus is on our employees.

We work together with our employees to find the right solution for their individual needs, whether that is more time for their family, more expertise in a particular field, or more health care support.

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Our exclusive services for employees

As a software developer, I am constantly working on new products – I find that totally fascinating. However, I also have the opportunity for personal development according to my own interests – even beyond my actual area of responsibility.

Our company is a family

Not only are we a family-owned company, but our company is a family. We therefore try to find the best possible solutions for connecting our employees' private lives and professional lives – and we sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to do so.

If an employee with a home office arrangement wants or needs to come into the office building, we make sure to consider the effects on their children.
The familyNET award with the "Digital Excellence" distinction is presented to companies that are family-friendly and particularly well-positioned digitally.

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Career Lunch
We value the personal touch. Do you? If so, visit us in Laupheim for a coffee break or lunch! You will have the opportunity to get to know our employees in a completely casual environment and chat about their daily working life and the career opportunities available in each team. We naturally offer this kind of meet-and-greet virtually as well. To registration

Uhlmann as an employer

Unbox your future
With our packaging solutions, we contribute to making sensitive and vital pharmaceutical products accessible to everyone across the world. You can find out more about what makes Uhlmann special as an employer here. To Uhlmann as an employer

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