Our feeders at a glance

  Type Product forms Packing Performance
LiPro feeder Parenteral products Ampoules, vials, cartridges and vials Blister and folding box;
Direct in Box
Up to 1,450 products per minute
SyPro feeder Parenteral products Syringe sizes with diameters from 6.5 to 26 mm Blister and folding box;
Direct in Box
Up to 350 syringes per minute
Brush box feeder Solid products Convex solids and capsules Blister In many cases, the most economical solution
Vibratory feeder Solid products Solids with simple geometries such as tablets, oblongs or capsules Blister The all-rounder that represents a good compromise between performance and effort
SimTap feeder Solid products Solids with simple and complicated geometries Blister The most flexible and powerful feeder

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Uhlmann – Your expert for feeding processes

Are you looking for a significant increase in feed capacity and filling level? Greater safety in the ramp-up of the packaging process? Or more ergonomics through the use of a tablet lift? Then work with our experts to optimize your feeding process.

  • Easy cleaning, fast format changesAll Uhlmann feeders are GMP-compliant and can be cleaned quickly and easily. Format changes are just as quick and efficient. In addition to ergonomic filling heights that can be bridged with a tablet lift if required, Uhlmann's solid feeders ensure effective dust and breakage extraction.
  • New product? Simply change your solid product feedWith Uhlmann's solid lines, you can easily change feeders or add further feeders. From brush box to vibration feed to SimTap and back: all blister machines and lines can be retrofitted with the appropriate feeders.
  • Feeder and blister line – a strong teamWhether for solid or parenteral products, each feeder can be seamlessly integrated into the packaging process. Would you like consulting, feeding, blister line, digital solutions and services from a single source? We can help you find the right configuration for your products!

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