The image inspection system VisioRead verifies that imprint data is correct. VisioRead Color can additionally recognize color code rings or carry out similar inspection functions. The system controls the reliable elimination of products with faulty print data.

Advantages of the VisioRead at a glance

  • ReliableVerification of a variety of codes (e.g. RSS, 2D data matrix, pharmaceutical codes, etc.)
  • EfficientColor recognition: identification of reference colors, code rings
  • TraceableTrack & Trace compatible

Technical data at a glance

Camera resolution VisioRead 2G up to 2 cameras with max. 2 megapixel resolution (black/white)
Camera resolution VisioRead 4G up to 4 cameras with max. 48 megapixel resolution (black/white) or with max. 5 megapixel resolution (colored) depending on customer requirements
Speed 1,200 + evaluations/min.
Inspection area dependent on application and camera
Type of machine intermittent or continuous motion
Documentation, IQ/QQ documents hardcopy/CD-ROM (optional)
Visual display   touchscreen
User administration 4 user groups (levels 0-3)
Storage medium solid-state-drive
Operating system Win 10
Interfaces TCP/IP network interface, USB port

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