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Track & Trace

Enjoy comprehensive security against forgery as well as product safety and process reliability to ensure the required integrity of your products and thus maximum patient safety.

Comprehensive product safety with Track & Trace

Safety depends on smart decisions

As a smart platform for data-driven decisions, Pexcite offers Track & Trace, a comprehensive solution for product traceability. The future-proof system meets global pharmaceutical regulations for clear labeling and identification of the products along the entire supply chain, right up to the patient.

Gather and analyze valuable data as a basis for smart decisions to ensure the required integrity of your products and thus patient safety.

  • Maximum pharmaceutical safety Thanks to Uhlmann Pac-Systems' experience, Pexcite meets all the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Enjoy a comprehensive solution consisiting of advice and service, machines and components as well as modern software.
  • Traceability along the value chain Track & Trace enables you to seamlessly trace sensitive products along the entire value chain. Both manuel and automatic processes are transparent for ther user at all times thanks to graphic monitoring aids.
  • One modular system Manage and analyze comprehensive serialization and aggregation data that serve as the basis for future-oriented, secure production.
  • Regulatory & complianceThe solution is always based on the latest legal requirements of the respective country and is compliant with all rules and regulations.
  • Validated for the pharmaceutical industry Standardized and validated system to safely and quickly implement and update currently valid Track & Trace regulations, which thus serve pharmaceutical safety.
  • GS1 solution partner As a GS1 solution partner, we work closely with solution partners that support Track & Trace worldwide. the GS1 database covers all globally applicable tracking and tracing laws and regulations for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

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