Brush box feeder

Are your pharmaceutical products or nutraceuticals straightforward and you want the same thing for your feed set-up? Then our brush box feeder is the solution for you! It is suitable for all solid products that are easily brushed in, such as convex product shapes and capsules. Because it uses few and simple product-specific format parts, it is an economical option for all blister machines.

How the brush box feeder works

Simple functionality for versatile use

The products pass from the hopper to the vibrating chute, where dust and breakages are separated out. The process then moves on to the brush box, where rotating brushes and agitators brush the tablets and capsules into the film pockets. The speed of the brushes and agitators, as well as their distance from the film, can be regulated for an optimized filling level. The drives of the brush box feed are separated from the film web in compliance with GMP.

The brush box feeder is suitable for thermoforming films and can be used for both continuous and intermittent film movement . For aluminum forming foils, we recommend a vibratory feeder, the SimTap feeder or a customized feeding solution.

Advantages of the brush box feeder

  • VersatileOur brush box feeder is suitable for all tablets, dragées, spheres, lozenges and capsules that can be striped into the film pockets
  • EconomicalUncomplicated feeding thanks to few and simple format parts
  • PracticalSimple functionality, easy to use and versatile

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Easy and quick changeover from SimTap to brush box feeder due to identical basic module

Brush box feeder in detail

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