BEC 400 for PP mono blisters and more

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Take a look at our line solution at Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel in Bamberg (Germany)

In operation at Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel: Blister line BEC 400 for solid dose products

1. The challenges

  • Entry into the production of recyclable PP mono blisters
  • Batch sizes between 500 and 50,000 packages
  • Frequent format changes due to a large number of country variants
  • Pastilles with extreme size tolerances

2. The solutions

Blister line BEC 400:

  • Flexible production of PP-Mono, PP-Alu and Alu-Alu blisters
  • Complete system consisting of blister machine and cartoner
  • Easy product changeovers with few format parts
  • User friendly HMI
  • Reliable feeding despite size variance thanks to single-brush feeding and optimum design of the film pocket

3. The results

  • Production of recyclable blisters has started and can be expanded in the future
  • Very short changeover times of less than 30 minutes
  • High operator satisfaction and smooth production from Day One
  • Space saving due to compact design and well-prepared zone concept
With our sustainability strategy in mind, we opted for the BEC 400 blister line, which can also produce PP mono blisters. It was important for us to invest in a mature process. We benefited greatly from Uhlmann‘s experience with materials and film suppliers, and we are very satisfied with both how the project was implemented and the results.

Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel

At Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel in Bamberg (Germany), more than 370 employees develop, manufacture and distribute pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The range includes more than 60 products in the fields of urology, dermatology, gynecology, as well as the self-medication of pain, sore throats and hair health. The company has been owned by the Doktor Robert Pfleger Foundation since 1974. Sustainability and environmental protection form an integral part of the company’s goals.Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel