Multifunction line for blisters and bottles

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Take a look at our line solution at Develco Pharma Schweiz AG

In operation at Develco Pharma Schweiz AG: Packaging line for solid dose products

1. The challenges

  • Packaging of potent drugs such as opiates places particularly high demands on operating safety and hygiene
  • Space in production is limited and must be used efficiently
  • In the next room there is a line for packaging solid products in bottles, which are then to be serialized and cartoned on the new packaging line

2. The solutions

  • Line consisting of BEC 200, serialization unit and stretch bander
  • Containment concept with side sealing, air management unit and three zones: a primary zone from product infeed to sealing of the blisters and a secondary zone for film infeeds as well as cartoning and end-of-line packaging
  • Adaptation for serialization and cartoning of bottles and special feeding of bottles from the “neighboring line”

3. The results

  • High safety for operators and high protection against contamination
  • GMP-compliant containment concept
  • Efficient use of the limited space available
  • Economical pharmaceutical packaging in high quality
High quality, safety and efficiency are our top priorities. With Uhlmann, we have configured a pharmaceutical packaging line in such a way that it meets these requirements excellently. The blister line not only has a very special containment concept, it can also serialize and carton the bottles of the adjacent line! We are very satisfied with this customized solution.

Develco Pharma Schweiz AG

Develco Pharma Schweiz AG has been active in the areas of manufacturing and development of drugs with generic active ingredients since 2006. The approximately 130 employees pursue innovative approaches to formulation development, design and execution of clinical trials with a focus on delayed or modified drug releases. Production, testing and packaging of complex dosage forms is carried out at the Schopfheim site (Germany).Develco Pharma Schweiz AG