BEC 300 blister line for the contract packaging of nutraceuticals

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Take a look at our line solution at EuroPharma Alliance Sp. z o.o. in Poland

In operation at EuroPharma Alliance Sp. z o.o.: Blister line BEC 300 for solid dose products

1. The challenges

  • Strong increase in demand leads to expansion of production capacities
  • Short-term procurement of format parts
  • High performance and productivity
  • Economic total cost of ownership

2. The solutions

BEC 300 blister line

  • Complete system for packaging of solid products in blister and folding boxes
  • Output of up to 300 blisters per minute
  • Fast format changes in under 30 minutes
  • Simple operation, high degree of reliability

Format part competence

  • Short delivery times for highquality original format parts

3. The results

  • High efficiency and productivity due to time-saving product changeovers
  • Enthusiastic operating personnel
  • Economic operating costs
  • Excellent customer service because format part availability also enables production starts at short notice
In order to be able to provide our customers with an optimum pharmaceutical packaging service, the most important factors for us as a CMO are the availability of format parts at short notice, high productivity and economical overall costs. Uhlmann as a partner and the fast, reliable BEC 300 blister line support us in meeting these requirements.

EuroPharma Alliance Sp. z o.o.

According to its own information, EuroPharma Alliance Sp. z o.o. is the fastest growing contract manufacturer of dietary supplements in Poland. At ist production site in Rzeplin, south of Wrocław, around 110 employees produce and package both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Since the company’s foundation in 2007, Europharma has been continuously expanding its range of professional services for contract manufacturing.EuroPharma Alliance