Do you want to a range of different tablet geometries and capsule sizes on one blister line – and at high speed? Whether special or standard shapes: the SimTap places your products quickly and specifically in the film pockets. Gentle on the product and with an average fill level of 99.5%.

How the SimTap works

High-performance feeder for a wide range of solid shapes

From the hopper, the products pass through the vibrating chute, where dust and debris are safely discharged, to the sorting box. This arranges the products by moving them up and down into the filling tubes. Two shut-off fingers per filling tube ensure targeted filling: the lower shut-off finger closes the outlet of the filling tube and releases the lowest product exactly  when the blister station is exactly below it. Meanwhile, the upper shut-off finger fixes the subsequent products. The products are placed in the film pockets at the same time – hence the name. SimTap stands for "Simultaneous Tablet Placement".

The SimTap feeder is suitable for continuous and intermittent operation and all blister materials. Operation is fully integrated into the blister line's control system (HMI). Manual settings are no longer necessary.

Advantages of the SimTap feeder

  • GentleTargeted and gentle depositing of products in the blister pockets minimizes tablet breakage
  • VersatileThe SimTap is suitable for a wide range of tablet, dragée, ball and capsule geometries
  • High performanceHigh speed due to simultaneous operation across the entire film width

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Easy and quick changeover from SimTap to brush box feeder due to identical basic module.

SimTap feeder in detail

Questions & answers about the SimTap feeder