Our servo-controlled LiPro feeder gently places glass and plastic containers into blisters or environmentally friendly boxes – for the safe secondary packaging of vials, ampoules and cartridges.

Avoid glass breakages with gentle product feeding

The secondary packaging of parenteral products in glass containers poses major challenges for you as a pharmaceutical company, CMO/CDMO or packaging service provider:

  • Liquid pharmaceutical products such as biopharmaceuticals are usually high-priced – the loss of individual doses due to glass breakage needs to be avoided
  • Glass breakages significantly affect productivity because the packaging line has to be shut down and cleaned
  • Glass breakages are often the result of glass-to-glass contact, rapid transport movements and drop heights
  • Weaknesses in the primary packaging such as microcracks can also trigger glass breakages

This means that the LiPro feeder is designed for the particularly gentle handling of parenteral products.

This is how the LiPro feeder works

LiPro stands for "Liquid Product", i.e. for parenteral products such as ampoules, vials, cartridges and vials. The servo-controlled system gently feeds ampoules, vials, cartridges and bottles at an output of max. 1,050 pieces per minute depending on the product and blister design.

First, the standing products are transported to the pickup position via a vibratory plate. A rake directs the products into a lane. From there, they enter the grooves of the separating roller. The servo-controlled roller rotates 90 degrees and brings the containers into a horizontal pick-up position. They are picked up by the robot system with vacuum grippers and placed in a blister or a cardboard tray. In the case of clamp packs, the press-in station gently fixes the products in the pack.

Advantages of the LiPro feeder

  • SafeFor optimum product protection, the LiPro feeder can place products not only in sealed blisters or clamp blisters made of PET, PET/PE, PET-G or PVC, but also in cardboard trays
  • Operator-friendlyThe ergonomic filling height of the LiPro feeder and automatic emptying of the system provide operators with an efficiently designed working environment
  • SustainableWith "Direct in Carton" and the LiPro feeder, packaging of ampoules and vials directly into cardboard trays is possible. For more sustainability, efficiency and user-friendliness all along the line

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