Parenteral packaging lines

PTC 200

Proven cartoning technology, modular machine design, and easy handling – the PTC 200 provides more sustainability, anti-counterfeiting and process reliability, as well as maximum flexibility in packaging parenterals.

Pack parenterals better and more sustainably

The desire of many patients for more sustainability is becoming increasingly important for the pharmaceutical industry. Packaging, in particular, can make a big difference without compromising patient satisfaction and treatment quality. A basic requirement are packaging machines that can process environmentally friendly mono-materials and meet the constantly increasing demand for product combinations, smaller batches, and thus more frequent batch changes, as well as the desire for seamless traceability.

The PTC 200 meets all these requirements and enables you to implement future-proof packaging concepts and production methods.

Better handling and highest standards for your production

With every new medication and therapy approach, the demands of pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and patients for packaging become more diverse and complex. To meet all needs, increasingly flexible packaging systems are needed. The modular design of the PTC 200 creates a new level of versatility and enables you to the needs of users and patients first.

More flexibility through modular machine design

Up to six feeds and the optional integration with a labeler or assembly machine make different and changing product applications possible with just one PTC 200. Ampoules, vials, syringes or medical devices can be fed horizontally, vertically or suspended as required. However, the PTC 200 can also be used for manual loading of products and inserts.

More counterfeit protection through latest standards

Counterfeit-proof parenteral packaging with serialization is no problem for the PTC 200, nor are medical device and cold chain tracking. In addition to brand protection and product control, the Uhlmann inspection system also ensures the correctness and completeness of the products in stock.

More focus through ergonomics and space savings

Even the best packaging system is only as good as the people who work with it. That's why the PTC 200 focuses on the needs of the operators. Good visibility, simple operation, and guided format changes with visualization make handling the PTC 200 particularly ergonomic. On top of this, the side-loading principle shortens the machine length and thus the distances in production. Speaking of ergonomics, since the PTC 200 can produce packages with top opening, access to the package contents is made easier for the end users.

Advantages of the PTC 200 at a glance

  • FlexibleThanks to variable feeding for different pharmaceutical products
  • VersatileDue to the possibility of processing cardboard, paper fiber and plastic
  • TraceableThanks to Medical Device Tracking and Cold Chain Tracking

Technical data at a glance

Max. output 120 or 200* trays/min.
120 or 200* folding boxes/min.
Max. tray size [A x B x H] 175/80* x 40 x 245 mm
Max. folding box size [A x B x H] 180 or 85* x 105 x 250 mm
*Upgrades optional

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Lower use of resources and lower CO2 emissions - more flexibility, efficiency and product safety.

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