Get through the initial phase with confidence with Ramp-Up3 Support

How can you speed up the production ramp-up of new or modernized lines, avoid unplanned temporary stops and find long-term solutions to malfunctions sustainably? With the new Uhlmann Ramp-Up3 Support, the service tailor-made for the start-up phase!

"After they've purchased a new production line, many customers face unexpected challenges. For example, temporary stops and malfunctions most often occur during the start-up phase. With Ramp-Up3 Support, we provide our customers with intensive support for the first three months and help them to commission new or modernized production lines quickly and efficiently," explains Oliver Kast, Operational Excellence Manager at Uhlmann.

With Ramp-Up3 Support, pharmaceutical companies can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Stable processes from the very beginning
  • Fast and cost-effective commissioning 
  • Continuous increase in production time from the outset
  • Greater productivity and safer operation 
  • Sustainable problem solving straight away in the start-up phase
  • Early detection of deviations with recommended measures