BEC 300 blister line

"After decades of working with the UPS 300 blister machine, we are used to the high Uhlmann quality," explains Javier Moscatelli, producion manager at Asofarma. "What ultimately tipped the scales, apart from the quality, was both the concept behind the BEC 300 and Uhlmann's responsiveness and excellent level of service. Furthermore, Uhlmann has a very good reputation in the Argentine pharmaceutical industry."

With the BEC 300, Asofarma invested in a blister line not only with a view to coping with the increasing production capacity for its products, Dutasterida and Tamsulosina, but also to position itself for the future. The BEC 300 will contribute to this. It consists of a blister and cartoning module and is so powerful that it can process up to 300 blisters and folding boxes in one minute. The few format parts are small, light and can be replaced quickly without tools, meaning that a complete format change takes a maximum of 30 minutes. This will allow Asofarma to react more flexibly to market changes, especially when greater numbers of small and medium batches need to be packed. The company is therefore well positioned for the future.

Excellent service and spare parts delivery within the pharmaceutical community

Gaetano Tschernutter, the sales manager responsible for the Argentinian market, is pleased with the positive feedback from his customer. "Personally, it is very important to me to be available, to clarify queries quickly and to find solutions. This also applies to many other colleagues at Uhlmann so it's great to hear that this is seen as an advantage at Asofarma!"

Uhlmann has also established a special spare parts service for its Argentinean customers. "Argentina is located far to the south of the continent and has strict customs formalities, including those covering the import of spare parts. The numerous pharmaceutical companies that have settled in the greater Buenos Aires area are therefore used to longer machine downtimes," reports Gaetano Tschernutter, who lived in Argentina for many years and is familiar with the local situation. "In recent years, more and more pharmaceutical companies and contract packers have invested in Uhlmann lines and especially in the BEC 300. If a spare part is needed, there is a high probability that another customer has it in stock. We're helping Argentine pharma companies to network and help each other out – a system that ultimately benefits everyone."

With the commissioning of the BEC 300 in 2021, Asofarma was able to significantly increase its capacity in terms of pharmaceutical packaging. "As one of the leading pharmaceutical producers in Argentina, it is our aspiration to work with high-quality and first-class equipment. For us, this includes the BEC 300 blister line – an investment that has paid off," says Javier Moscatelli.