Double performance with the Uhlmann FMECA

One of our German customers succeeding in doubling the OEE of their packaging machine. What was the essential element of this success story? The FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis) from Uhlmann!

Holger Schmid, Team Leader for Spare Parts Management, explains how you can spot vulnerabilities in your packaging system early and increase your OEE: "We regularly check all components in a system and their probability of failure. The Uhlmann FMECA brings together all maintenance-relevant information – component evaluations, replacement times and our global Uhlmann experience. Based on this knowledge, our customers can ascertain the spare parts requirements for their machine and create well-founded plans for provisioning, inspection, servicing and maintenance. This reduces unscheduled downtimes to a minimum."

The Uhlmann FMECA offers numerous advantages for pharmaceutical packaging processes:

  • Cost-effective and intelligent maintenance
  • Reliable budget planning and full cost transparency at all times
  • Decision-making basis for storage of critical parts
  • GMP-compliant maintenance in accordance with national and international specifications
  • Improved reliability and efficiency