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EC 12

The Case packer EC 12 offers flexible and extremely efficient tertiary pharmaceutical packaging. It quickly and accurately packages cartons or bundles in cases – the cardboard blanks are erected, the cases filled, and closed on two sides.

Case packer EC 12 – numerous benefits in its favor

Highly flexible end-of-line packer for cases ready for dispatch

The Case packer EC 12 packages cartons filled with solid or parenteral blisters, or bundles of cartons, in cases ready for dispatch. The steps cover erecting the case blanks, loading from the side, and two-sided closure of the case. Operation of this machine is extremely space-saving, and the erecting and turning station ensures optimum utilization of the case volume. In addition, the modular design allows flexible adaptation of the configuration to meet customer requirements. The ergonomic design not only gives the user optimum accessibility, but also facilitates servicing and cleaning. One example here is access to the case magazine from the operating side. Fast format changeovers and straightforward handling make the EC 12 very efficient. Operation via the central SmartControl operating system is intuitive and easily comprehended. The Case packer EC 12 can be seamlessly integrated into an Uhlmann line. In terms of performance and operation, it is the optimum solution downstream from an Uhlmann cartoner.

The integration of a Track & Trace solution into the EC 12 is also an option, e.g., for the embossing and printing of both sealed sides of the case. Code readers verify that the correct code has been applied to the tertiary packaging.

Wide format range

The infinite format adjustment of the EC 12 enables the flexible processing of a variety of case sizes. The wide format range is also a convincing feature: small to large cartons and cases – all can be handled.

From cartons to packed cases ready for dispatch

The Case packer EC 12 groups, stacks, and packages pharmaceutical products in cases ready for dispatch – the cardboard blanks are erected, the cases filled, and then closed on two sides. Optional fittings for the EC 12 at the end of the line include a hot-melt gluing system, a labeling unit, and thermal transfer printing.

Processing cases with a maximum length of 600 mm, the Case packer EC 12 attains a maximum output of 12 cases per minute and a maximum infeed of 500 cartons or 60 bundles per minute.

Reliable process and uninterrupted production

Integrated safety and warning devices enhance the reliability of the Case packer EC 12 – after all, every conveyor stop has an impact on the overall efficiency. Examples here are the jam control and overload monitoring. Disruptions in the packaging process trigger a warning.

In addition to the Case packer EC 12, “Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation” stands for three other end-of-line packaging machines: a stretch-banding machine, an overwrapper, and a combined unit comprising a case packer and a palletizing module. In terms of design, the SmartControl operating system, and the software, each end-of-line packaging machine permits full, seamless integration in an Uhlmann line.

  • ReliableIntegrated safety and warning systems, e.g., jam control and overload monitoring, ensure smooth processing
  • FlexibleInfinite format adjustment to cater for a wide range of carton sizes gives the EC 12 maximum packaging flexibility
  • User-friendlyOperation of the EC 12 via the central SmartControl operating system is intuitive and easy to understand

Technical data at a glance

Max. output 12 cases/min.
Max. case size [A x B x H] 600 x 400 x 400 mm  
Max. infeed 500 cartons/min. / 60 bundles/min.
Max. carton size [A x B x H] 440 x 150 x 250 mm

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The Case packer EC 12 in detail