The packaging of solids in bottles is particularly popular in the growing segments of dietary supplements and alternative medicines, but is also attracting increasing interest in the pharmaceutical industry. But the pharmaceutical industry is also seeing a growing number of drugs being returned to the market in this way. What at first glance appears to be a relatively simple process is in fact quite complex in practice. Together with the counting system experts at Cremer Speciaalmaschines, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme has developed modular machine solutions that allow customers to customize complete packaging lines and reconfigure them as needed. All modules are equipped with Uhlmann SmartControl and a Pexcite interface.

Counting, filling, checking, serializing in a continuous process

Are the bottles in the right position? Is the correct number of tablets or capsules filled? How is the serialization required by regulations implemented? These are just some of the challenges that have to be solved to ensure a safe and efficient filling and packaging process. With its new solids-in-bottle modules, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme offers solutions for exactly this: from bottle erecting and cleaning to filling with solids, desiccants or cotton pads, capping, labeling and serialization. Suitable cartoning and end-of-line packaging systems can be easily connected, including aggregation with Uhlmann's Track & Trace solution.

Controlling complex lines in a comprehensive, user-friendly and reliable manner

Solid-in-bottle packaging lines consist of a multitude of mechanical and digital components. In addition, there are high compliance requirements as well as specifications for counterfeit protection or traceability that must be implemented. Networking these complex structures in such a way that processes run safely and efficiently is not trivial; interfaces have to be managed, data collected, exported and analyzed. Uhlmann's Pexcite Software offers an application solution with which users can network Uhlmann Pac-Systeme systems as well as machines and equipment from other manufacturers, according to their process requirements and thus centrally monitor and control them. Pexcite offers various applications specifically for the control and operation of an entire plant:

  • Supervisory Control – centralizes batch management for the entire line
  • OEE Monitoring – visualizes and monitors the effectiveness of the entire line and thus creates the basis for optimizing production efficiency
  • Track & Trace – provides comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, product and process security in accordance with applicable track and trace regulations

Pexcite ensures connectivity across the entire filling and packaging process of the solid dose bottle line, providing transparency on key process parameters such as waste, energy consumption, maintenance and spare parts requirements, enabling optimal processes.