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With its "Track & Trace" solutions, Uhlmann offers the perfect combination of machinery, components, software and service. But who develops and designs them? In this series, we will introduce the people behind Track & Trace. Today, we would like to introduce you to Frank Bixenmann, who, as a Consultant Digital Solutions, prefers to develop special solutions for our customers.

Frank, how did you get involved with Track & Trace? And what fascinates you about the subject?

Frank Bixenmann: Track & Trace and I have grown together. When I joined Uhlmann in 2010, the topic was still in its infancy. I was able to support it from the very beginning, installing countless systems and later also designing them. Today, as a Digital Solutions Consultant, I advise our customers on Track & Trace and other digital solutions.

I find it particularly exciting to have my finger on the pulse of the times. Everyone is talking about Pharma 4.0, Smart Factory and digital transformation. And I'm right where this magic is happening and can open the door to the future for our customers.

What do you particularly like about your work as a Digital Solutions Consultant?

Frank Bixenmann: That I can conjure up the best solution for customers from Uhlmann's large digital portfolio! Many people think that everything is set in stone when it comes to Track & Trace. That is also true, but the "playground" on-site is always different. What solution is needed? How does it fit into the IT landscape? Do we stick with Track & Trace or turn it into a digitization project that adds much more value? These are the exciting questions!

And how do you come up with the answers?

Frank Bixenmann: We can only answer many ideas and questions in a powerful team, which is very important to us at Uhlmann. This allows me to quickly check whether requirements are feasible and create suitable concepts. But teamwork with customers is also very important to me, in which we develop ideas and solutions together, which brings the customer and us another step forward. Furthermore, I‘m not the type who can sit alone in the office. I like to be close to the customers’ companies, visit trade shows or do live demonstrations -  preferably together with my colleague, Georg Schick.

What do you think is the most burning issue surrounding Track & Trace and digitization right now?

Frank Bixenmann: The linchpin is currently connectivity - without connectivity and without interfaces, there is no digitization. With the connectivity layer of our Pexcite software platform, we have reached a whole new level in terms of interfaces. This enables us to connect all machines and systems - not only in pharma packaging, but along the entire supply chain - in terms of data. This data then forms the basis for a "Track & Trace" system, for example. But I can do much more with it, like a modular system. For example, supervisory control to increase the productivity of the line, or predictive maintenance in a further step.

What do you expect for the future?

Frank Bixenmann: Software is becoming increasingly important and I am convinced that it will develop more and more into a differentiating criterion. Competition in the software market is getting tougher, so I am glad that Uhlmann has a decisive advantage. We don't just offer software or machinery - but a solution consisting of hardware and software from a single source, plus the corresponding service. For me, this is the beauty of Uhlmann solutions: the perfect combination of machines, line systems, site systems, interfaces and service - and all this with just one contact person. This makes life much easier for our customers.

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