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Uhlmann has been offering Track & Trace since 2008. Many customers view this as an advantage because it allows them to obtain machines, components, software and service from a single source – with everything integrated seamlessly. However, this news series is not about Track & Trace but about the people who manage it on a daily basis. Georg Schick, Strategic Product Manager for Track & Trace and known to many through his appearances at trade fairs and conferences as well as in webinars and videos, will start things off.

Georg, how did you get to where you are today? And why is Track & Trace so close to your heart?

Georg Schick: I have been with Uhlmann for almost 25 years now and two things have always interested me: automation and having contact with a wide variety of people. Both are a common thread running through my CV - from my first Uhlmann job in 1999 as an electrical designer for cartoners, to my position as automation sub-project manager for customized packaging solutions, to the role I hold today. Having traveled all over the world, I have been able to meet many great people. In the process, I have repeatedly discovered that a great deal of skepticism exists with regard to automation, even though it brings great benefits to pharmaceutical companies, as well as to all those responsible and involved. I am very motivated to educate, advise and help with the introduction of automation.

You talk about automation, but today we’re actually talking about Track & Trace - or is that the same thing for you?

Georg Schick: For me, Track & Trace is more than an automated labeling and control process. It is an opportunity to take pharmaceutical packaging to the next level with automation. Our customers are often afraid that Track & Trace will slow down their line and the performance will deteriorate. But when we do a smart automation project including Track & Trace, the opposite is true. Then not only are the legal requirements met, but real added value is also achieved, for example better OEE.

Following Uhlmann on LinkedIn, we regularly see posts and videos from you. You also appear a lot at conferences and in webinars. What motivates you to do this?

Georg Schick: For me, LinkedIn is less about publishing posts. Rather, I want to stay in touch with the people I've met over the last few years. And there's no place like social media for doing that. When it comes to appearances, my goal is not only to inform, but also to entertain – I just find that fun. It's important for me to be a showman, but not a one-man show. Firstly, there are other experts, like Frank Bixenmann, who I work with regularly. Secondly, I have a whole team behind me that does a fantastic job on every customer project. I'm just the face to the outside world - and I like being that.

Georg, you advise many customers on the subject of Track & Trace. Is there anything you hear time and time again?

Georg Schick: I often hear, "if I had known that Uhlmann also does Track & Trace, I would have come straight to you." There are usually two needs behind this: firstly, many people will have found that systems from different manufacturers do not work well together. Instead, they want a system from a single source in which everything fits together: consulting, press, software, printing and camera components, and service. This is what Uhlmann can offer - everything comes from a single source. Secondly, there is the desire for reliability. Uhlmann is not a start-up - we will still be around tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Customers don't have to keep changing providers to get innovations. Instead, we deliver proven innovative solutions as part of a lifelong partnership.

Georg, what else would you like to share with our readers?

Georg Schick: Don't be afraid of software, automation or Track & Trace! The opportunities that present themselves are huge. And well-made digital systems can even be fun – that’s something we’ve all experienced with our smartphones. This sounds banal, but it is not unimportant, especially in view of the shortage of skilled workers. So take heart - we’re with you!

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