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Uhlmann Track & Trace offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a high level of security. But how is the software developed and tested to meet the highest quality requirements? In this series, you will get to know the people behind Uhlmann Track & Trace. This time, we introduce you to Dalila Kajevic, Software Quality Engineer.

Dalila, what are your tasks as a software quality engineer? And how do you relate to the topic of Track & Trace?

Dalila Kajevic: I have been in the Software Development department at Uhlmann since April 2023 and ensure that our digital solutions run securely and flawlessly. To do this, I create and manage test environments and test cases, document them, keep them up-to-date and support the team with software, system and integration testing. A test case is a scenario that can occur exactly the same way at our customers, and which must therefore work smoothly in the software. In fact, Track & Trace makes up a huge percentage of the test cases we currently use.

This is great for me because I can use my previous knowledge. In my previous position as a project engineer, I implemented and tested software solutions for our customers, including many Track & Trace systems. This means that I know what the different customers need and which scenarios are relevant in pharma packaging.

That sounds exciting. Do you have a large machine park for the tests then?

Dalila Kajevic: No (laughs). The test environments consist of our virtual and real machines. Monitoring them, improving them, and coming up with new concepts is part of what I do. We test most of the applications virtually. In addition, there are some test cases that cannot be simulated. For that we have a few test rooms with real machines, printers, cameras and so on. The areas are manageable, but we are excellently equipped. At Uhlmann, you can feel that "Digital Solutions" are an important part of the company and that investments are being made here.

So the general conditions are right. But what motivates you personally to go to work in the morning?

Dalila Kajevic: Working together with colleagues from different departments, countries and cultures! We work very closely and well together in Development. There is a lively exchange within the team. For example, I studied automation and electronics in Sarajevo and feel very comfortable in the international, open environment. I think it's positive that gender doesn't play a role here, but rather that expertise and interaction with one another are paramount. That's not always the case in the IT and mechanical engineering industry.

Dalila, what is important for you professionally?

Dalila Kajevic: First of all, the product has to be right - and it is! The Track & Trace based on our Pexcite software platform is visually attractive and easy to use. It offers our customers transparency along the entire line and thus real added value. We also hear this from our customers and it's nice to get positive feedback. I am very proud of that.
But we also do a lot to keep it that way. The most important thing for me is to listen carefully to our customers and understand their problems. This is incorporated not only into the test cases, but also into the further development of the software. This is how digital solutions are created that help the pharmaceutical industry move forward.

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