Stefanie Lemke – BEC 300 expert for the cartoning process

Employee stories
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The BEC blister lines are among the best-selling lines at Uhlmann. What sets the Uhlmann offering apart from the competition? And what is so special about the compact packaging lines that combine blister module and cartoner into one high-performance unit? No one knows this better than the experts who work with and on the machine every day! Our cartoner specialist, Stefanie Lemke, gives us some insights.

Ms. Lemke, what is your role at Uhlmann?

Stefanie Lemke: As a system engineer for special designs in the cartoning sector, orders land on my desk where a cartoner has to be adapted to the special challenges of our customers. Then I oversee the entire project, from material procurement to coordination within the team. Recently, for example, we developed a special solution for a major German pharmaceutical company: In addition to the blister, the C 2305 cartoner should also pack tubular bags in folding cartons. With the help of an individual design, we were able to link the form-fill-seal machine and cartoner so that the form-fill-seal bags are inserted into the folding cartons at the correct point in the process. When it comes to special designs for entire lines, I work in a networked team at Uhlmann, for example with my colleague Fabian Schöllhorn, who is Uhlmann's expert for blister machines.

As an expert in the cartoning sector, you know the market best. How does Uhlmann's offering stand out from the competition?

Stefanie Lemke: At Uhlmann, we cater to every customer requirement - no matter how tricky it may seem. From the development of innovative closure types to the design of a cartoner capable of packaging syringes and bottles, to the custom design of a stand-alone cartoning machine: We develop customized solutions for our customers and implement them consistently. I like the challenge of my job - that's where my colleagues and I can draw on all our experience and know-how.

What is so special about the cartoners of the BEC blister lines?

Stefanie Lemke: Normally, the cartoners of the BEC blister lines hardly require any support from Uhlmann: The space-saving combination of blister machine and cartoner module is characterized by ease of operation, cleaning and maintenance. The cartoner in particular is extremely flexible, firstly with regard to the formats of the folding cartons, but also with regard to the closures. Here, for example, hot and cold gluing are available. And if you need a very special solution here, feel free to contact me!