Fabian Schöllhorn – as system engineer of the BEC 300 an important player

Employee stories
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The BEC 300 is one of the best-selling lines at Uhlmann. What is so special about the compact packaging line that combines blister module and cartoner into one high-performance unit? No one knows this better than the experts who work with and on the machine every day! We asked Fabian Schöllhorn, a system engineer for blister machines.

Mr. Schöllhorn, how do you contribute to the production of the BEC 300?

Fabian Schöllhorn: As a system engineer for special designs, I oversee the adaptation of standard machines at Uhlmann to meet the challenges of our customers - from feasibility studies to design and technical order support to assembly. For example, we recently designed, built and delivered a special solution for a pharmacist in Spain. The blisters are not to be packed directly in folding cartons, as is usually the case, but are to be optionally stored temporarily in specially made plastic trays so that the manufacturer can carton them only when required. With the help of special equipment, we were able to make this wish possible for him.

What is the highlight of the BEC-300 line for you?

Fabian Schöllhorn: Many pharmaceutical companies need to accommodate additional packaging lines in existing production facilities. At a compact eight meters, the BEC 300 has a big advantage here: It fits into almost any layout. Our customers are always surprised at how little space the blister line takes up. We have special solutions ready, even if there is a load-bearing wall or support between the blister machine and the cartoner that cannot be removed due to building statics.

As an engineer, you are very familiar with the technology of the BEC 300. How does the BEC compare with other packaging lines?

Fabian Schöllhorn: Thanks to its compact design and single-lane configuration, the BEC 300 has a comparatively low die weight and short changeover and format changeover times. One reason for its high safety and performance is its sophisticated design and robust construction. Simple, intuitive user guidance also plays a major role - even unskilled personnel can quickly get to grips with the operation!