Operation and maintenance of the BEC 500

When undertaking the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for its two new BEC-500 blister lines, Dutch contract packer, Tjoapack, sent a team to Uhlmann's headquarters in Laupheim. Both partners were able to extract the maximum benefit from the visit. While the Uhlmann team was delighted with the successfully-concluded FAT, the 7-member team of Tjoapack was able to engage in intensive training sessions with a view to preparing for their future work with the blister lines.

The focus was on the operation and maintenance of the BEC 500. In addition, the Tjoapack team had the functionality, teach-in and cleaning of the VisioChrom camera system explained to them. Function and troubleshooting of the leaflet folding system were also on the training schedule. This can be moved out to the front, allowing fast, ergonomic operation.

Uhlmann expert, Volker Roggenstein, works with the Tjoapack team to explain the BEC 500 blister line’s leaflet folding system, which can be simply pulled out to the front for ergonomic operation.

The two blister lines are equipped with SimTap feeders and VisioChrom inspection systems. This will enable Tjoapack to package an epilepsy drug in tablet form and a painkiller in soft gelatine capsule form.

"We were looking for a reliable partner who could provide high quality pharmaceutical packaging and support us during commissioning. We found this in Uhlmann. After a week of intensive training on the BEC 500, we are well prepared for the ramp-up," says Jurgen Flohr, Production Manager at Tjoapack.