High productivity and low space requirements combined in one solution

More and more pharmaceutical companies seek future-proofed packaging solutions with high outputs and low space requirements. The BEC 400 meets this need. The extremely compact, modular machine combines tablet feeder, blister machine and cartoner into a highly efficient packaging line - on a length of less than 30 feet. With a maximum speed of up to 400 blisters and 150 folding cartons per minute, it packs all common solid geometries into two lanes. The blister unit and cartoner can be separated by a pharmaceutical wall, and the small footprint reduces cleanroom costs. Time-saving format changes can be made in under 30 minutes. Easy cleaning and the intuitive Smart Control operating system ensure maximum performance and safety.

Safe processing of mono-materials

With the BEC 400 blister line, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a sustainable solution built for the foreseeable future. This allows recyclable mono-materials and films made from renewable raw materials to be packaged in a process-safe and efficient manner. "As Strategic Product Manager for the BEC 400 blister line, I am proud that our blister technology offers unparalleled sustainability capabilities thanks to the use of PP mono-materials, thus significantly reducing environmental impact,” says Maik Arnzen, Strategic Product Manager at Uhlmann Pac-Systeme. “The exceptional flexibility of the BEC 400 allows seamless adaptation to different packaging requirements and ensures optimal efficiency with minimal downtime. By investing in our BEC 400 blister line, our customers can reliably achieve their sustainability goals."

The innovative roll sealing system for PP mono features efficient lidding film and forming film preheating, which ensures precise and consistently reliable sealing of the blisters. In addition, retrofitting with PP-Mono is possible for existing BEC 400, BEC 500 and BEC 700 machines with roll sealing.

Smooth integration into fully automated production processes

The most important factor in the packaging of pharmaceuticals is ensuring patient safety. Additional concerns for pharmaceutical companies are efficiency and remaining economical. With the Pexcite software platform, Uhlmann ensures safety while delivering a digital solution that controls and monitors the entire packaging process. For example, energy consumption of the individual elements of a packaging line can be recorded and analyzed, and the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be monitored. Ideally suited to the compact BEC 400 blister line, the Pexcite software platform can be smoothly integrated into existing or new IT environments. This also applies to Track & Trace solutions from Uhlmann or other manufacturers, which enable seamless traceability from production to patient.

Sustainable packaging concept for specific requirements

When switching to sustainable blister packaging solutions such as PP-Mono, special requirements have to be met. In this context, Uhlmann offers holistic support for pharmaceutical companies – from the initial idea to the roll-out. Together with the customer and qualified packaging material manufacturers, Uhlmann develops sustainable packaging concepts, individually adapted to the requirements. In the Uhlmann Test Center, the new packaging is tested under real-life conditions on equivalent machines in order to exploit the full potential of the BEC 400.