Modular upgrades and modernizations for more sustainability and higher OEE

Is the machine performing as expected? Is it adapted to current technical standards and new regulations? Are the processes right? For pharmaceutical manufacturers, it does not always have to be a new machine. Modernizing existing packaging machines is an essential key to greater sustainability success. Extending the operating life not only improves the ecological footprint, but also significantly increases the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The extension of the machine life cycle is not only in focus with the increasing sustainability requirements – rather, the longevity of the machines has always been part of Uhlmann's promise to its customers.

Uhlmann's retrofit program offers a choice between different degrees of modernization – up to the integration of process-oriented solutions such as Track & Trace and the modular software solution Pexcite with further Smart Service applications. This optimizes both the quality and the safety of packaging processes. In order to enable the provision of data for Pexcite and service applications on existing machines, AI readiness is also required as a software service. In this way, the analogue world is linked to the digital world step by step. In the case of new machines, the data can already run from FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) onwards – if the customer so wishes. Uhlmann also provides support with performance upgrades that allow a significant increase in efficiency and productivity and reduce the risk of unplanned machine downtimes. With a targeted upgrade strategy, Uhlmann supports customers with a view to the requirements of tomorrow and at the same time reduces the investment required to maintain permanent machine availability with a positive effect on sustainability.

Tailor-made services over the entire life cycle

The efficiency and sustainability of machines are also influenced by correct operation, regular maintenance and fast and expert repair. For this reason, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme offers flexible services tailored to individual needs:

  • Training service: Company-specific and practice-oriented training ensures optimum machine competence of the employees.
  • MaintenancePlus: A maintenance package tailored to the customer's needs, with which the machines are kept available to the maximum.
  • ServicePlus package: From hotline support and remote services to on-site operations and spare parts deliveries – the ServicePlus package provides rapid assistance when it's needed.

Optimum formats for maximum product safety and fast format changes

Choosing the right format sets is a key factor for production efficiency and safety. Uhlmann Pac-Systeme offers high-precision and optimally economical format sets for long life cycles, fast format changes and maximum product safety.

When switching to new, more sustainable packaging materials, users benefit from comprehensive advice during which an optimum packaging concept, including suitable format sets, is jointly developed.

Maximum productivity through data-driven smart services

In today's pharmaceutical market with its often low margins, there is no substitute for productivity and efficiency. This is where Uhlmann comes in with its data-driven Smart Services. As part of the ProductivityPlus service, production processes and machine data are analyzed over a certain period of time to identify optimization potential. With the RAMP UP3 Support, pharmaceutical companies receive support over a period of three months during the commissioning of new production lines and complex modernizations. The aim is to create optimum processes and thus achieve maximum productivity. Moreover, all new Uhlmann machines are equipped for a wide range of digital solutions such as the Pexcite software solution or upcoming smart services such as predictive maintenance applications.