C 2305, C 2504

The two continuous motion cartoners of innovative machine design ensure top results when it comes to the processing of bulk in-house or contract packing orders. Straightforward operation, top performance, quality, and efficiency guarantee maximum output.

Advantages of the C 2305, C 2504 at a glance

  • User-friendlyCarton magazine adjustable in height for convenient operation and cleaning
  • EfficientAutomated adjustment of all format-related stations for changeover within 15 minutes
  • ProtectedEncapsulated leaflet folder for reduced sound emission

Technical data at a glance

  Cartoner C 2305 Cartoner C 2504
Max. Output 300 cartons/min. 500 cartons/min
Mode of operation continuous continuous
Scope of application blisters, bottles blisters
Max. carton size [A x B x H] 105 x 105 x 155 mm 80 x 90 x 155 mm
Pitch 5'' 4''
Max. no. of blisters 14 14
Max. blister stack heigh 100 mm 85 mm
Types of closure tuck-in and hot-melt tuck-in and hot-melt

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