End-of-line packaging machines

ECP 12

Fully automated, flexible, and efficient tertiary packaging: the Uhlmann combination of a case packer with a palletizing module stands for compact end-of-line packaging. The ECP 12 is designed for the fast and accurate packaging of cartons in dispatch cases. These are then stacked on pallets.

The case packer with palletizing module combination ECP 12 unites numerous benefits

Productive end-of-line packaging in a compact form

The ECP 12 combines a case packer with a palletizing module for fully automatic end-of-line packaging. Cartons are packaged in cases ready for dispatch and the cases stacked on pallets. This way, solid and parenteral products are exceptionally protected throughout the entire packaging process. Systems for identification, marking, and inspection are integrated into every process step of the ECP 12. The option of a second pallet station enables a pallet changeover during ongoing operation, without having to stop the line. Format adjustment can be made quickly and easily. Robot technology is used for the entire ECP 12 handling process. All these factors contribute to low operating costs and high productivity.

Highly flexible thanks to separate modules and infinite format adjustment

The ECP 12 offers maximum flexibility in many respects. Its modular design allows application-oriented configuration according to customer needs. For example, a labeling unit and appropriate feeding systems can be added. Various positioning and line variations allow individual arrangement of the modules to suit the space available in the production facilities.

Infinite format adjustment on the case packer allows the highly flexible processing of a wide range of carton and case sizes – small to large cartons and cases, everything is possible. 

From the carton to the pallet

Case handling, labeling, monitoring, and palletizing: the ECP 12 combines the final packaging steps in one unit:

  • Erecting of the case blanks
  • Side-loading of the cases
  • Two-sided closure with an integrated hot-melt gluing system
  • Marking with labeler and thermal transfer printer
  • Stacking of the packages on pallets – using fully automatic robot technology

Handling cases with a maximum length of 600 mm and a maximum weight of 22 kg, the palletizing module of the ECP 12 attains a maximum speed of 6 pallet cycles per minute.

Safe production from start to finish

Safety and warning devices are integrated into the ECP 12. These include an emergency stop button, jam control, as well as overload monitoring. They add to the reliability of the combined case packer with palletizing module – and contribute to overall efficiency.

In addition to the ECP 12 combination, “Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation” stands for three other end-of-line packaging machines: a stretch bander, an overwrapper, and a case packer. Each end-of-line packaging machine can be fully and seamlessly integrated into an Uhlmann line as the design, SmartControl operating system, and software are fully compatible.

  • FlexibleThe modular design allows application-oriented configurations for highly flexible end-of-line packaging. Optional additions to the ECP 12 include a labeling unit and appropriate feeding systems
  • User-friendlyThe SmartControl operating system allows intuitive, straightforward handling of the case packer and palletizing module combination
  • CompactThe ECP 12 saves space by combining two packaging steps in one unit

Technical Data at a glance

Max. output 12 cases/min.
6 pallet cycles/min.
Max. case size [A x B x H] 600 x 400 x 400 mm  
Max. infeed 500 folding cartons/min. / 60 bundles/min.
Max. carton size [A x B x H] 440 x 150 x 250 mm
Max. pallet height 1,300 mm
Max. pallet size Euro pallet: 1,200 x 800 mm
Industrial pallet: 1,200 x 1,000 mm
US palette: 48" x 40" (1,220 x 1,016 mm)

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Case packer with palletizing module ECP 12 in detail