Ensuring quality together

Ensuring quality together

The quality principles are the basis of our actions: Day after day, we work actively, consistently and bindingly on our quality promise and its fulfillment. For this purpose, our employees always place the market requirements at the center of their actions. In this way, our quality work makes a significant contribution to long-term and sustainable customer satisfaction.

Explore our quality principles and see for yourself.

Yours, Cristian Reiter,
Chief Technology Officer

Our quality principles at a glance

"You don't become a quality leader by simply committing to quality. That's why we actively and consistently shape our path to meeting customer requirements."

Cristian Reiter, Chief Technology Officer

We deal constructively with errors and eliminate them effectively

"Mistakes happen! We stand by our responsibilities, address mistakes openly and use them as an opportunity to develop further."

Clemens Rehbein, Director Quality Management

All the parties involved get to the bottom of the cause together. This is undertaken with 8D as directly as possible at the scene of the incident – that is, exactly where the error occurred. We use what we learn to develop new products and to optimize our processes. We make improved processes standard when there is a clear benefit to be gained from them.

With a constructive error culture, we give ourselves and our customers the confidence that every error will only happen once.

We create transparency

"Our quality situation is evident to all employees. Because only those who know where they stand can get where they want to go!"

Peter Schweinberger, Director Finance & Controlling

Only if we have a unified view of potentials and we agree on the target direction can we all pull together. That's why we work as a team to determine which products, areas and processes offer the greatest opportunities.

Our team focuses on the right optimizations so that our customers quickly benefit from the right actions.

We make good things even better

"Uhlmann stands for the continuous improvement of its processes and products."

Uwe Jäger, Director Assembly Packaging Systems

Excellently trained specialists, modern lean methods and transparency through digitization are just a few examples of our success guarantees on the road to the future. Through our shopfloor management and our innovative ticket and workflow system, all stakeholders are informed about the status of all actions at all times. We therefore succeed in implementing improvements quickly and efficiently.

We strive for perfection every day to delight our customers time and time again.

Our innovations are ready for the market

"New products work for our customers – right from the start!"

Simon Müller, Director Product Development

We avoid mistakes through our design. What we cannot preventively ensure is made transparent and independently and reliably tested at Uhlmann. The focus is on everything that is critical to our quality – this is how we detect errors before they are passed on to the next unit and ensure that our offering is ready for the market. At Uhlmann, what we learn is fed back into the process and, step by step, increases the quality internally, but also the reliability of our products on the market.

We can confidently assure our customers that an Uhlmann solution will deliver what it promises in the long term.

We focus on our customers

"The basis of our success is satisfied customers! Their judgment is the reality that we deal with honestly."

Matthias Kaiser, Vice President Global Sales

Our customers are the focus of our work. As an independent authority, our quality team regularly records customer voice and makes us aware of what makes a satisfied customer. We carry this experience into the organization and understand where we need to improve holistically.

Customer feedback helps us find the right ways to ensure that satisfied customers stay with us for the long term.

We strengthen the quality of our suppliers

"A large part of our quality is produced at our suppliers. That's why we choose our partners carefully."

Torsten Pfalzgraf, Vice President Supply Chain Management

We don't just look at the price, but very closely at how our suppliers ensure their quality. We clarify detailed points through audits, discussions and the deployment of our quality team at the supplier's site. We make clear specifications and this is the only way our partners can deliver what we need. This enables a common basic understanding of quality with all our partners right from the start.

We minimize supplier errors for ourselves and our customers through a "Best in Class Supply Chain".

We take responsibility

"Each of us bears responsibility for the quality of our results. That goes for our employees as well as our partners."

Gert Jaudas, Director Human Resources

It is not enough just to ensure the quality of one’s own activity. It is equally essential to accept and forward only good quality from partners. Here it is important that we support each other – by providing swift assistance, constructive feedback and cooperation beyond our own area of responsibility. It's not always easy, but it makes all the difference in getting better day by day.

We convince our customers with excellent results from the whole team.

We deliver what we promise

"The customer trust we have built up over many years is our most valuable asset."

Michael Mrachacz, Managing Director

We carefully examine how we can meet customer expectations and clarify what we need to do so. This understanding of our customers' needs and requirements allows us to quickly make precise statements and constructive suggestions based on our wealth of experience. To achieve this, we get all stakeholders on-board at an early stage and generate consensus between our customers and experts.

Our customers can be sure that they get what they expect. We deliver well and on time – only then our job is done!

We proceed systematically

"Good products come from robust and simple processes and mastery of interfaces."

Thomas Kreutle, Director Development & Operations Digital Solutions

We operate in systematic control loops, whether in rapid agile product development or in internal optimization projects. We check whether our steps are leading in the right direction and correct them where necessary. This requires us to constantly seek feedback – from the customer, from auditors or from our own employees.

We are an honest partner to our customers, fully contributing our strengths and working on our weaknesses.

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