Secondary packaging – protection against glass breakage and tampering

Liquid medicines, cell cultures, and vaccines are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical market. However, these parenteral products are particularly sensitive when it comes to handling, packaging, storage, or transport.

With the right secondary packaging, you can increase safety throughout the entire process and improve the efficiency of your production. We offer cartoners and blister lines specifically designed to meet the demands of parenteral products and minimize cost factors such as glass breakage or increased cleaning effort. Additionally, they enable full traceability with precise track & trace solutions throughout the entire production chain up to the point of use.

Find the perfect packaging solution for your parenteral products

Cardboard trays: sustainable secondary packaging for parenteral products

Liquid medicines in vials, syringes, or medical devices determine the future of the pharmaceutical market. They all require secondary packaging. Cardboard trays are the best solution for this: sustainable, flexible, and space-saving for storage.


Folding boxes: the economical and sustainable packaging for parenteral products

Cardboard folding boxes are an indispensable part of the pharmaceutical industry. However, the demands for this seemingly simple type of packaging have also increased. Parenteral products increasingly need to be securely packed in folding boxes without any additional secondary packaging. Furthermore, pharmaceutical manufacturers and end-users now require anti-tampering measures, ergonomics, and traceability.

Clamp packaging for pharmaceutical products: safety meets efficiency

Clamp packaging offers pharmaceutical products particularly high protection against shocks, an economical and space-saving packaging process, and now also meets high sustainability requirements.

Blister packaging: maximum security for sensitive parenteral products

When it comes to sensitive parenteral products, one type of packaging offers exceptional security: blister packaging ensures that your pharmaceutical products are protected from tampering and damage. However, not all blisters are created equal - here's an overview.

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