Deblistering device

A quick and easy way of saving costs

The deblistering device gently separates solid dose products from the blister. This means that they can be fed back into the current batch.


  • Saves time compared to manual separation
  • Gentle product handling and easy to operate
  • Quick changeover between different blister formats
  • Compact, space-saving, flexible unit
  • Optimum price-performance ratio

Printing systems

For the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical packaging

Uhlmann offers integrated printing units from reputable manufacturers for inline printing. These include flexible systems for the multicolored graphic design of a variety of materials. Application is suitable for a wide range of package designs. Likewise compact laser marking systems for the identification of aluminum foils, paper and laminated paper, adhesive labels, various plastics, cartons, glass and metals.

Electrical lift trolley

For clean forming materials and fast charging

The trolley is designed to lift and transport forming materials and tools. Horizontally or vertically positioned forming material reels can be lifted from pallets, transported, and placed into position in the machine.


  • User-friendly, quick and easy handling
  • Damage to and soiling of the forming material during transportation is avoided
  • Diverse, quickly exchanged accessories allow different applications

Heating fume extraction unit

Protection against aggressive fumes during the processing of forming materials

Aggressive fumes arising in the blister machine when processing coated PVDC forming materials are drawn off using the heating fume extraction unit.


  • Operators and machine parts are protected against aggressive fumes
  • Straightforward exchange and cleaning of the filters
  • Compact design

Tablet lift

More continuity in production and feeding

The tablet lift automatically charges the feeding system of the blister machine with tablets, coated tablets or capsules.


  • User-friendly and fast filling of the feeding system
  • Lower line operating costs due to automatic charging of the feeding system
  • Easy to clean due to quick, tool-free dismantling and optimum accessibility of parts in contact with the product

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