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Ideal entry into the premium segment of solids packaging

Top quality at an attractive entry-level price and excellent flexibility form the basis for the economically efficient packaging of small batches in particular.

Flexible entry model for the secondary packaging of parenteral products

Blister machine BLU 200 is ideal for the packaging of small and medium-sized batches of parenteral products. The modular concept of the compact blister machine allows maximum packaging flexibility. The option of various feeding systems and efficient use of the entire width of the web lead to optimum machine output. Furthermore, the highly reliable process of the Blister machine BLU 200 offers gentle product handling, easy cleaning, and fast format changeovers, as well as user-friendly operation. All these factors contribute to the particularly high economic efficiency of the BLU 200.

Uhlmann BLU 400: Blister machine for the gentle handling of parenteral products

The BLU 400 handles the pharmaceutical packaging of ampoules, syringes, vials, bottles, cartridges, or pens in blister packs. The compact packaging machine meets all the essential requirements of the pharmaceutical market for the secondary packaging of parenteral products. As a fully automated packaging system, the BLU 400 offers a convincing performance based on reliable, gentle product handling and flexible, cost-efficient packaging.

Diversity based on a modular machine concept

The UPS 5 perpetuates the machine concept of the most successful and versatile Uhlmann blister machine to date. It is geared in all respects to the highly productive packaging of solid dose and parenteral products.

Versatile and convincing throughout

An established machine concept that meets the technological standards of larger blister machines. For the flexible, GMP-compliant packaging of solid and parenteral products at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Productivity on the smallest of footprints

An integrated, compact system with fast format changeovers and a straightforward operating concept for the cost-effective packaging of diverse batches on the smallest of footprints.

Flexible and productive

The innovative, double-lane blister machine for end-to-end processes and format changeovers at the touch of a button. Highly flexible, with a maximum output of up to 500 blisters per minute.

High performance and flexibility perfectly combined

The three-lane blister machine for high performance and format changeovers at the touch of a button. Highly flexible, with an output of up to 700 blisters per minute.

The world’s fastest blister machine

Faster, enhanced ergonomics, and more cost-efficient: currently the world’s fastest blister machine, the B 1880 sets standard in mass production. Reliable, continuous productivity for the processing of bulk batches.

A comparison of our blister machines

  Max. Blisters/Min. Max. format area [index x width] Sealing principle Scope of application
200 or 300 200 x 145 mm plate sealing solid dose products
200 173 x 206 mm plate sealing parenteral products
400 195 x 284 mm plate sealing parenteral products
400 272 x 284 mm platen sealing solid and parenteral products
250 130 x 156.5 mm platen sealing solid and parenteral products
300 200 x 145 mm rotary sealing solid dose products
500 200 x 284 mm platen or rotary sealing solid dose products
700 200 x 284 mm platen or rotary sealing solid dose products
1,300 280 x 284 mm platen or rotary sealing solid dose products


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