A real powerhouse in pharmaceutical packaging

The Blister Express Center (BEC) 700 is Uhlmann's most powerful and fastest blister line. At 10.3 meters in length, it combines a feeder, blister machine and cartoner simply and efficiently. Depending on customer requirements, individual configuration allows a choice of three feeders, two sealing principles, and two performance levels for the cartoning module. Reliable and powerful, the BEC 700 blister line with its three-lane operation packs up to 700 blisters and 300 or 500 folding boxes per minute. The format change functions without tools and can be carried out within 30 minutes by just one person. Cleaning and operation are also intuitive. The BEC 700 blister line is designed for speed yet remains flexible - a real powerhouse in pharmaceutical packaging.

The benefits to you of the BEC 700 blister line


Blister line from Uhlmann for packaging 700 blisters and 300 or 500 folding boxes per minute.


Fast and easy format changeovers in just 30 minutes, packaging of all solid geometries and choice of two sealing principles


Intuitive operation thanks to the SmartControl operating system, even for inexperienced personnel, and high reliability and safety thanks to state-of-the-art technology


Rapid commissioning and easy familiarization in the shortest possible time – even by operators without experience


Full integration into new and existing IT environments possible at any time

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Blister line BEC 700

SimTap feeder

Heating and forming station

Rotary sealing

Embossing, perforating and punching station

Three line punching station and blister transfer

Blister transfer

Three line blister transfer

Leaflet folder
Good accessibility: the leaflet folder can be pulled forward and turned.

Carton feeder

Leaflet and product loading

Closing station

Platen sealing station

Brush box feeder

Vibratory feeder

Uhlmann Blister line BEC 700
The power pack made of blister and cartoning module follows the tried-and-tested BEC-Class line concept and, thanks to its three-bladed operation, packs up to 700 blisters per minute.

BEC 700 in detail

Technical data at a glance
Max. output 700 blisters/min.
Mode of operation 3-lanes
Scope of application solid dose products
Sealing principle platen or rotary sealing
Max. format area [index x width] 200 x 284 mm
Max. forming depth 12 mm (PVC), 11 mm (Al)
Max. reel diameter forming material 600 mm (800 mm)*, lid material 300 mm (400 mm)*
Processable forming materials laminated Al foils, PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PP
Processable lid materials hard Al, soft Al, paper/Al, Al with defined hardness, others upon request
*optional extension  


Max. output 300 or 500 cartons/min.
Scope of application blisters
Max. carton size [A x B x H] 105 x 105 x 155 mm (300 cartons/min.) 80 x 90 x 155 mm (500 cartons/min.)
Pitch 5'' (300 cartons/min.), 4'' (500 cartons/min.)
Max. no. of blisters 14
Max. blister stack height 100 mm (300 cartons/min.), 85 mm (500 cartons/min.)
Types of closure  tuck-in and hot-melt


Questions & Answers about the BEC 700 blister line

How powerful is the BEC 700 blister line?
The BEC 700 blister line offers very high performance in pharmaceutical packaging and can still be changed over to another product in a very short time. It is designed for speed and packs solid products at a maximum speed of 700 blisters and 300 or 500 folding boxes per minute.

Do I need special training to operate the BEC 700 blister line?
No special training is required to operate the Blister Express Center 700, as it is designed for intuitive operation:

  • The BEC 700 blister line is easy to clean, quick to change over and intuitive to operate.
  • Thanks to fewer and lighter format parts, tool-free and fast changeovers are possible even for inexperienced operators.
  • Personnel are guided through the entire format changeover process by the SmartControl operating system and supported during operation.
  • Ergonomic working is possible thanks to the optimal working height.
  • Quick, easy and GMP-compliant cleaning is possible at any time thanks to smooth surfaces and an easily visible balcony design.

All these features mean that even operators with little experience can work on the BEC 700. For optimum process reliability and fast commissioning, Uhlmann also offers customized training for operating and maintenance personnel.

How quickly can format changeovers be made on the BEC 700 blister line?
With the BEC 700, format changeovers are possible in just 30 minutes. This can be performed without tools by just a single person. The modern SmartControl operating system guides the operator step-by-step through the process, meaning that even inexperienced personnel can perform a format changeover quickly.

Which operating system is the BEC 700 blister line equipped with?
The BEC 700 blister line can be fully controlled via the SmartControl operating system. This is Uhlmann's HMI (Human Machine Interface) which, thanks to its graphical user interface and clearly structured layout, helps even inexperienced operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the high-performance blister line.

Which formats can be packaged on the BEC 700 blister line?
The BEC 700 blister line packages all types of film and solid forms:

  • Drawing depths of 12 mm for PVC blisters and 10 mm for aluminum blisters can be realized.
  • The maximum blister size is 200 mm x 284 mm.
  • The maximum folding box height of (A x W x H) 105 x 105 x 155 mm at 300 folding boxes per minute or 80 x 90 x 155 mm at 500 folding boxes per minute makes a wide range of folding box sizes and formats feasible.
  • A total of up to 14 blisters can be packed in one folding box.
  • The speed is 300 folding boxes per minute at a maximum stack height of 100 mm and 500 folding boxes per minute at a maximum stack height of 85 mm

Which modules make up the BEC 700 blister line?
The BEC 700 blister line networks a feeder, blister machine and cartoner into a perfect unit. It can be customized and offers a choice of three feeders (single-brush feeder, vibratory feeder, or SimTap feeder), two sealing principles (plate or roller sealing), and two performance levels in the cartoning module. The modular design can be expanded at any time and offers maximum performance with high flexibility.

Is the BEC 700 blister line designed for fully automated production processes/Production 4.0?
All Uhlmann components have one thing in common: they can be easily integrated into existing or new IT environments. The BEC 700 blister line is no exception – the line is suitable both for "Track & Trace" solutions from Uhlmann or other manufacturers and for fully automated digital processes of a Pharma Production 4.0. Especially for the implementation of Pharma 4.0, Uhlmann offers the Pexcite software platform, which networks machines and equipment along the entire pharmaceutical value chain independently of manufacturers.

Can using the BEC 700 blister line contribute to my sustainability goals?
Yes. The Blister Express Center (BEC) 700 is designed to process easily recyclable monomaterials such as polypropylene as well as films made from renewable raw materials, for example PLA, reliably and efficiently. In addition, by purchasing a BEC 700, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals are investing in a line that will achieve high productivity over decades thanks to regular upgrades and modernization by Uhlmann. With the BEC 700 blister line, you are ideally positioned for the requirements of the future!

The BEC 700 blister line offers a choice of two sealing principles. For which application is roller sealing suitable? When is panel sealing recommended?
Rotary roller sealing is suitable for all film types and reliably and efficiently processes standard blisters with round tablets or capsules, for example. It also seals aluminum blisters with a pocket length of up to 29 mm. The cooled feed roller minimizes film shrinkage and thus achieves an optimum sealing result that is gentle on the product. A cover film preheater can be optionally integrated for processing peel-push films.
Intermittent platen sealing with horizontal film run also seals larger aluminum pockets or calendar packs with optimum results. In addition, it can be used for special cover films as well as for peel and peel-push blisters. The sealing time remains constant and is independent of the number of cycles. The sealing tool can be positioned precisely with the aid of laser control of the blister pockets.

Which feeders are available for the BEC 700 blister line?
All standard feeders from Uhlmann – single-brush feeder, vibratory feeder or SimTap feeder – can be integrated into the BEC 700. The operation of several feeders is also possible on an extended filling section. For special requirements, we will be happy to develop a customized feeding solution with you.

Can the blister module of the BEC 700 also be connected to another cartoner?
The BEC 700 is modular, so the cartoner can easily be exchanged for another model. We will be happy to advise you on this!

Does the BEC 700 have to be placed in-line?
No, the BEC 700 is very flexible. You can arrange the blister module and the cartoning module in a line, but also offset or at an angle to each other. We will be happy to help you to optimally fit the BEC 700 into your production rooms.

Can the blister machine and cartoner of the BEC 700 be separated by a pharmaceutical wall?
Yes, the blister and cartoning module can be placed in different rooms (e.g. different clean room classes) and also separated by a pharmaceutical wall.


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