Containment Packaging - individual and efficient

Containment Packaging - individual and efficient

Currently, more than 50 percent of all highly potent solid products are still packaged in the cleanroom. However, the trend is clearly toward containment lines – both worldwide and across all segments. There are several reasons for this; the proportion of highly potent active ingredients continues to grow strongly, thus requiring even better protection for employees, while the official requirements are also increasing. Also, every year, new, highly sensitive products come onto the market whose effectiveness suffers due to environmental influences.

Any containment solution is always about two key factors: reliable protection of operators from the active ingredients, alongside equally reliable protection of the product from contamination from the outside or from other active ingredients.

White paper: Cost-Efficient Containment in Pharmaceutical Packaging

White paper: Cost-Efficient Containment in Pharmaceutical Packaging

Uhlmann has summarized its expertise on the subject of containment in the white paper “Cost-Efficient Containment in Pharmaceutical Packaging”. The packaging specialists describe how containment measures can be effectively integrated into a packaging line, explaining how time and costs can be reduced as a result.

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Advantages of the Containment at a glance

Operator protection

Operators work without special protective suits and with regular breaks


No time-consuming entry and exit of personnel and material and significantly reduced effort for format change and cleaning


Safe exclusion of cross-contamination


Less space required for the line


Faster return on investment especially with frequent product changes

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Containment-Linie BEC 300

Containment-Linie B 1240

Highspeed Containment-Linie

Blister line BEC 300
Based on various technical refinements, derived from intensive discussions with users, we have equipped the BEC 300 to meet the challenges of the international pharmaceutical marketplace. In addition to the maximum output of 300 blisters and 150 cartons per minute, the new BEC 300 offers an even wider range of formats and applications, optimized operator guidance as well as improved machine safety.

Uhlmann B 1330 Containment
Proven technology, flexibility in the pharma-safe packaging of small, target group-specific runs of 10,000 to 70,000 packages? With strong performance for standard formats, large, rigid aluminium blisters and special solid forms?

Containment Packaging
High-Containment line with BEC 300 + S 500 + EW 60 + ECP 12 with OEB protection class 5

Highly active solid products packaged in blisters: with optimal product and operator protection

The BEC 300 containment blister line: respond compactly and flexibly to dynamic markets

Whether for the regular packaging of solid products or with individual containment within a blister machine: the BEC 300 blister line is your value-adding machine in the compact class in all regards. The containment on the BEC 300 blister machine can be designed for all protection classes from OEB 1 to 6.

As well as the pressure zone and conditioning concept, which protects products from cross-contamination and helps operators intervene in the process to tailor the line to your specifications, you can choose between different feeders and two cartoners - C 2155 for up to 150 and C 2305 for up to 300 folding boxes per minute. No matter which configuration you choose, your BEC 300 will ensure perfect packaging throughout the process.

The B 1240 containment blister machine: versatile and convincing

Do you need a universal system which allows you to pack at a convincing price-performance ratio? A blister machine that can be used for both solid and parenteral products and also provides the basis for a containment solution?

The B 1240 combines all these specifications in compact dimensions and a machine concept that has been repeatedly tried and tested in practice. With an output of up to 150 boxes per minute, Uhlmann's smallest intermittent motion cartoner, the C 130, is ideally suited for combination with the B 1240.

Highspeed containment blister machine: for active products in large runs

Do you want to package large runs of highly-active products with high performance? With optimum process reliability even within a containment solution, and with the best possible personal and product protection? Then a high-speed blister machine should be your first choice - for example the B 1880 with up to 1,300 blisters per minute. Either with roller sealing for the production of standard blisters or with intermittent plate sealing for processing aluminum blisters or large blisters with stiffening ribs.

For line integration, this high-performance machine can be combined with the C 2305 and C 2504 continuous cartoners. These process up to 300 and 500 folding boxes per minute respectively and consistently continue the performance of the blister machine.

Containment in detail

Questions & Answers about Containment

Inline control for maximum safety throughout the process
Do all the tablets have the correct shape and color, are they all intact? Is each blister pocket correctly filled? Is the imprint on the cover film positionally correct and precise? With Uhlmann inspection systems , you have full control at all times and throughout the process – along with the certainty that only good products are passed on to the next process step. The camera systems are integrated directly at the appropriate positions in the process, and inspection takes place in real time and at full machine speed.

Personal safety
How much dust is developing? What effect does this dust have on the operator? Various tests are used to classify the active substance and product in the OEL pyramid with the various Occupational Exposure Limits. The OELs define the level that the respective containment solution must have – from OEB 1 Non-toxic to 6 Extremely toxic.

Product protection
Sensitive products must be protected from humidity, temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and contamination until the blister is securely sealed. In many cases, a containment concept is only required in the direction of the operator or product. However, if drugs are highly active and highly sensitive, double containment is required. Here, too, Uhlmann's experts have the necessary experience to safely implement such a demanding project. In addition, with the Excellence United companies, partners are available to also integrate upstream processes such as pressing and tableting of the products into an integrated concept.

Provisioning and feeding of the products
To protect your operators from the active ingredients and your products from contamination, the solid products arrive at the packaging line in a closed container. In the example, a drum with a passive valve docks with the line, which in turn is equipped with an active valve. The outer sides of the two flaps lie against each other and are rotated 90° vertically. As a result, the solid products trickle into the Containment SimTap in an airtight manner and without operator contact - a standard design, but completely enclosed. The feeder inserts the tablets individually into the blister pockets with only a small amount of dust.

Whether it's a format change or cleaning in the infeed unit, everything takes place with operator protection, both with negative pressure and with integrated gloves at the appropriate positions in the process.

Air Management Unit
The central element of each containment packaging line is an individual pressure zone and conditioning concept, tailored to the rooms and product requirements. It is implemented with the help of an Air Management Unit, with:

  • Overpressure to protect products from cross-contamination during product changeovers
  • Negative pressure to protect operators wherever they intervene in the process and where the most dust is generated – usually in the filling section area
  • Targeted extraction points for this dust, e.g. at the tablet feeder
  • Conditioning of the supplied air with regard to temperature, humidity and purity

High precision die cutting for intact blisters
To ensure maximum product and personal protection until the blister is opened, it is die-cut with the highest precision. This is the only way to ensure that the blister pockets remain intact, and that neither active ingredients can escape to the outside nor environmental influences can enter the blister. Laser pocket control in the die cutter ensures absolutely accurate blister dimensions, while lightweight tools reduce changeover times.

IPC Control: Automatically and at any time
The operator can request the desired number of blisters at any time via the HMI. The blisters are automatically discharged from the process into a special chute and can be removed at an ergonomic height.




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